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Never Underestimate Slip Resistance On Account Of Appearance!

London flooring contractors reveal a new trend in the UK safety flooring market. There are more and more new ranges which provide various decorations combined with sustainable slip resistance. London flooring experts explain, that the most contemporary safety floorings contain special slip resistant particles which are nearly invisible for naked eye. These floors feature also with durable underfoot safety in accordance with the HSE & UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines. When it comes to London contract flooring and London commercial flooring this slip resistance is virtually imperceptible, but also lasting over several years. London flooring specialists say that carborundum-free particles are used and they are closely allied in order to remind smooth vinyl.

Safety flooring is a modern London flooring solution and its usage increases especially in areas where this was not accepted 10 years ago. So, the conclusion is that attractive and impressive slip resistant flooring is becoming more popular in interior design. London flooring contractors reveal, that modern safety floorings are easier to clean. London flooring experts are aware, that there is a small difference between a smooth vinyl and fully HSE compliant safety floor. Actually what matters most is the sustainable wet slip resistance.

London flooring contractors are obliged to check carefully if the manufacturer may support sustainable slip resistance claims in compliance with HSE Guidance. London flooring companies must guarantee that the invisible particles in a safety floor are durable and sustainable. These particles should continue to perform after a certain period of time as the vinyl wears out.

London flooring companies know that the Ramp Test is an ex-factory technique of evaluating slip resistance when maintenance or wear are not taken into consideration. London flooring contractors explain that over reliance on R values may have serious consequences for users of the flooring.
London flooring experts conclude that having in mind, that the market is developing and the products become more decorative, expert knowledge about key performance factors becomes even more crucial.

London flooring contractors advise customers to stick to manufacturers and products they know very well, because slip resistance issues must not be underestimated.

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