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A Survey Shows That Numerous Projects Are ‘Below Standard’

In this article London flooring contractors will pay attention to a recent survey, showing deficit of in skillful labour. Actually, approximately half of construction project owners have this issue. For this reason external help to support existing workforce to enable delivery of projects is definitely needed. Here below, you can find further details:

  • London flooring experts point that 50% of respondents have experienced underperforming projects in the last year despite all the improvements in controls and even in project planning.
  • London flooring specialists explain that the public sector survived a staggering 90% of project failures. The reason for that was bad contractor performance.
  • According to the survey, more than two thirds (69%) claim meagre contractor execution as the greatest reason for project underperformance. This revealed a hunger for bigger cooperation with contractors with the majority (82%) of defenders waiting to see this in the next five years;
  • London flooring contractors reveal, that seven out of ten respondents said that they did not follow project timetable or budget of the draft. This was due to not accurately planning for slowdowns or rates overruns;
  • London flooring specialists reveal, that only half of the companies had project leadership information systems that increase the quality of decision-making in each stage of the project life cycle emphasizing on the significant place for improvement.

The solution is mandated apprenticeships to guarantee skilled labour are brought up through the ranks. Also building information modelling (BIM) to stimulate more efficient planning and more precise drafting of projects.

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