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Selecting And Installing Adhesives – Top Tips

London flooring contractors are aware, that successful installation of floorcoverings depends on many factors. One essential factor is the selection of the appropriate adhesive. Other crucial details are in-service conditions, floorcovering and site conditions. London flooring experts should choose a fully compatible adhesive. Its main mission is to connect two various surfaces. These surfaces must remain bonded no matter the conditions. London flooring specialists are aware, that nowadays most adhesive producers work in close connection with the appropriate floorcovering manufacturers. Therefore detailed advices for adhesive suitability with particular floorcoverings are published. London flooring contractors will take a look at the factors that influence on the selection of adhesive:

  • Backing and type of the floorcovering;
  • Temperature demandings (usage in conservatory; presence of underfloor heating);
  • Subfloor kind;
  • Release or permanent bond;
  • Vertical or horizontal bond;
  • Type of installation: external or internal;
  • Safety and health requirements;
  • Specific in-service requirements (e.g. electrical conductivity, wet areas etc.)

London flooring experts reveal that when it comes to application, most of the flooring adhesives are conventionally applied by steel trowel with 60deg V-shaped notches along every edge. It’s interesting to mention, that the spacing and depth are specified to control the amount of the applied adhesive and to suit the floorcovering which is laid. London flooring specialists point, that some adhesives may be used with a roller. London flooring contractors are aware, that adhesive manufacturers always try to ensure, that the right trowel notch size is specified for every situation. It’s very important to comply with their recommendations. It’s essential that the appropriate notch size is supported during the adhesive application.

London flooring experts mention, that there are alternative techniques of adhesive application. For instance roller and spray offer the convenience of application from the standing position. When it comes to usage of spray, faster application rates may be easily achieved. London flooring contractors remind, that it is very important, that adhesives have to be applied at the right temperature. In addition, excellent drying conditions should be maintained during the installation. London flooring companies are aware, that open time of the floor adhesive must never be exceeded.

Last, but not least – complying with the health and safety standards when working with adhesives is mandatory. Dry, structurally sound and clean substrates are required before applying the adhesive.

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