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Specifying Adhesives – Key Point In Flooring Installation

London flooring contractors are aware that the appropriate products and adhesives guarantee durability, safety and compatibility. When it comes to London flooring solutions, on the market there is a great variety of products, which suit a wide range of applications. When London flooring experts have to choose an adhesive, there is no ‘one size fits all’ rule. The reason is that there are many different materials – PVC, carpet, rubber, vinyl, metal, wood. Here are more details on the topic:

  • London flooring contractors know that even if the various adhesives look nearly the same, every London flooring company relies on certain products and distinct formulation. No matter they may look similar, it must be checked if they are compatible.
  • London flooring specialists warn, that in case experts don’t choose the right adhesive, installation failure is possible, because of the incompatibility. Moreover – the problem may not be obvious firstly. The adhesive may even look sound for several months.
  • The key factor to choose the correct adhesive is the preliminary test, performed by the manufacturer. London flooring contractors have to select adhesives that are backed for usage in conjunction with the products in question by the adhesives manufacturer.
  • If the flooring installation is complied with the requirements of the product and adhesive manufacturer and under their guidance, everything will be fine. In case of consequent issues, London flooring contractors have to get support from both the product and adhesive manufacturer. They should help to resolve the case.
  • However, in case the wrong products are chosen, London flooring contractors have to take the responsibility. Applying an adhesive, that is not backed by the adhesive manufacturer for use with a particular product leads to failure in the installation. There is a risk of having an expensive bill for replacement of the flooring products or accessories.
  • When it comes to failure in long term, sometimes the substrate is not prepared properly; there is no compatibility between the adhesive and the product; sometimes London flooring experts may apply too much or too little from the adhesive; or if London flooring specialists allow the surface to be walked over too early.

London flooring contractors summarise, that it’s recommended to invest enough time and efforts to check if the right products, adhesives and application techniques are used.

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