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Sustainable Usage Of Wood

In this article London flooring contractors explain about product testing and the necessity to use wood which is received from sources that are legally-harvested. So, timber should be not only technically correct. Here are more details on the topic:

  • London flooring experts claim, that the sustainability is essential when it comes to usage of building materials. This rule includes also flooring materials.
  • London flooring contractors explain, that sustainability is not easy to determine. According to the Oxford Dictionary it is: ‘conserving the ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources’. However, some other stuff may be added: environmental harm should be avoided; pollution during the manufacturing process should be avoided, comprising the contamination, which is certainly provoked by the production of the energy used in manufacture. London flooring specialists explain, that the whole concept of sustainability is not only about not using up stuff when producing things. We talk about decreasing the harmful influence and to protect the planet.
  • London flooring contractors reveal that wood is highly eco-friendly material for people to use. Firstly, it has the function to trap the hazardous CO2 emissions in its cells as it grows. When harnessing it with water, cellulose is made. Actually, it is the main ingredient of wood. London flooring experts add that wood also takes relatively little energy to process, in comparison with other competing construction materials such as concrete, steel and plastics. All these materials demand a great amount of heat which is generated by burning fossil fuels at most. Then things like vinyl overlays, concrete floors and steel girders are produced.
  • London flooring contractors explain that unlike plastics, steel and concrete, wood may be grown forever, in managed forests and plantations instead of having to be extracted from the ground in finite quantities, as all the basic minerals and oils are.
  • London flooring specialists claim, that wood material is not only good looking and easy for work, but also good for the planet in case it’s used in a sustainable way.

London flooring experts advise that more wood should be used for the flooring projects (hardwood floor strips; plywood flooring overlays; timber joists, chipboard floor panels, laminate floorcoverings). Thus you will help to meet our CO2 reduction targets. London flooring contractors conclude that you will save for next generations more from the other precious resources and energy. So, it seems that it’s not so difficult to be sustainable by using wood reasonably.

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