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The Importance Of Improved Physical Stores For Retail Sales

In this article London flooring contractors share that approximately half (49%) of consumers claim, that no matter the domination of online purchases, it’s also important to visit a real, physical store to check out the items on site. In addition, London flooring experts point that 89% of retailers acknowledge that they stand and fall on the client experience they provide. Here are more details:

  • According to a recent research, made by famous company, 56% of merchants claim, that they face serious challenge when they have to determine the best improvements to undertake.
  • London flooring specialists remind, that it’s essential to understand, that these days customers really appreciate the physical shopping experience. So, retailers should raise the number of bricks-and-mortar stores they manage.
  • When it comes to the initial purpose of improvement of customer experience, it was to reduce in-store queues. In statistical point of view, London flooring contractors point that nearly 80% of merchants, who at present provide click and collect, prognose a 15% increase in demanding for the delivered by them services.
  • London flooring experts point, that thanks to the implementation of new technologies, the physical journey of customers will be smooth and pleasant.
  • London flooring specialists remind, that waiting in-store and customer queuing are also crucial problems. Thus, 63% of the retailers surveyed confessed problems with choosing which technology solutions they should select to deal with this problem.
  • London flooring contractors reveal, that one possible solution is to offer online appointment booking service together with the chance for click and collect. All these strategies will decrease waiting time which is wonderful.
  • London flooring specialists say that most of the customers enter the store with a rough idea what to purchase, so these clients are very impressionable.

Last, but not least – the delivery of personalised quotations is supported by in-store mobile check-in.

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