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No More Scraping Of Adhesive Residues And Contaminants

In this article you will find technical advice from Neil Sanders concerning the challenges in front of London flooring contractors when they have to cope with contaminated subfloors. All London flooring experts must know that preparation and planning phases are essential for the final success. Here are more details on the topic:

  • In order to choose the best London flooring solution, London flooring experts should invest some time in order to be informed about the condition of the subfloor. London flooring experts should comply with the needs of the building in order to provide high-quality finish.
  • Every London contract flooring company must be aware that if the contaminated subfloor is not treated correctly, then the whole integrity of the bond between the dirtiness and the adhesive may be compromised. Fortunately, London flooring contractors have modern product variety at their disposal. This means that dealing with contaminated subfloors is now possible thanks to high-standard systems.
  • One of the most frequent problems, that London flooring contractors are facing is connected with old adhesive residues. These glue leftovers remain after the removal of an existing floorcovering.
  • Every London commercial flooring company will agree, that before the beginning of brand new floor installation, all the current adhesive residues and contaminants must be entirely removed.
  • However, London flooring contractors reveal, that there are modern smoothing underlayments, that don’t require preliminary removal of the adhesive residues and the contaminants. There is no doubt, that these smoothing underlayments provide a cost-effective option. They also promise high-quality floor finish which is very important.
  • How do London flooring contractors deal with oil and grease? Sometimes the current subfloor is contaminated with grease and oil. Then instead of losing precious time and perform mechanical removement, London flooring experts may use specialised lay isolator membrane. It will form a physical barrier between the new floorcoverings and the contaminated subfloor.
  • London flooring specialists explain, that this incredible loose lay isolator system is ideal when it comes to protecting the subfloor from dampness. It is also perfect for protecting original flooring in heritage buildings.
  • Lay isolator membranes are amazing London flooring solution. Thanks to them durable new floorings are easily installed and later removed, so the property may be returned in its original condition.

To conclude London flooring contractors explain that the mechanical removal of contaminants can be expensive and also time-consuming. For this reason London flooring experts have to rely on those products that help them to offer long-lasting, guaranteed results.

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