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Nora Rubber Flooring & The Flooring Group have been in partnership for years now, selling quality rubber flooring to our customers.

Below, Nora explain some of the many benefits of their rubber products;

For over 65 years, nora® rubber floor coverings have met
the unique demands of facilities worldwide. Ergonomic,
sound absorbent and stain and slip resistant, our flooring
systems address the many challenges you face in your work
environment on a daily basis. And due to the durability of
nora® flooring, you can count on a beautiful facility for
decades to come. Create an environment that’s more
comfortable, safe and quiet with every step. This is
flooring made for your world.

Two product lines – boundless possibilities

norament is our classic rubber floor covering. Together with the characteristic round pastille, the square tiles are also available in numerous designs with a hammerblow, relief and carving structure. The noraplan sheetware offers a practically unlimited scope for design thanks to its diversity and the perfectly coordinated range of colours. norament stairtreads and an extensive range of accessories for both product lines round off the assortment.
Furthermore, nora inlays allow the integration of corporate design elements such as logos and colours, or they can also be used to represent orientation systems with navigation routes and meeting points. Each room can be given its very own individual touch. norament and noraplan form a perfectly practical synthesis of design, functionality, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility.

With more than 300 variations of colour, design and surface in the standard assortment, the norament and noraplan product lines offer a huge spectrum and wealth of inspiration for creative design in modern architecture.With more than 300 variations of colour, design and surface in the standard assortment, the norament and noraplan product lines offer a huge spectrum and wealth of inspiration for creative design in modern architecture.

The requirements put on modern construction are continuously on the rise. Environmental and health considerations are becoming more and more important. In particular, today’s extremely dense, energy-saving construction methods bring huge challenges. They minimise air exchange, making the use of low-emission materials a necessity. That is why we have developed the nora system blue, a unique, composite system, the world’s first certified 360° quality management system for the floor.

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nora system blue is the only floor covering system in the world that offers the floor
covering, installation materials and processing companies as a total concept. Qualified installation companies generate greater reliability. All the construction materials are coordinated; their emissions have been optimised, they are tested in accordance with the requirements of the Blue Angel, and are certified in the TÜV system.
With the nora system blue system design, you are meeting your obligations to the public to protect the health of building users. That means sustainable future security: functional reliability through perfect coordination of the components, reliability for calls for tenders, particularly from a legal point of view and environmental safety with regard to the materials used.


Advice on components when preparing your call for tenders.
Technical support on the building site.
Full, transparent documentation of the installation phase.
As a further element, nora pads are a perfect extension to nora system blue, supplementing the integrated system offer with an exclusive, sustainable cleaning and maintenance solution: cleaning without chemicals, leaning that is ecological and economical and maintenance or increase the value of the investment throughout the full period of its use

We satisfy individual needs in stairwells with tailor-made solutions: From the robust norament steptread with pre-shaped stair nosings, single-piece riser and tread, through to combinations of floor coverings with stair nosings and stair angles from the standard programme.
norament Stairtreads
Individual Stair Solutions
nora Stair Accessories
Step by step, individual or functional

Whether pre-shaped stair flooring with a stair nosing, single-piece riser and tread or individually adapted steps for spiral staircases & co. – intelligent and colour co-ordinated accessories allow for easy finishing as well as harmonious integration of the stairs in the architecture.

We offer you a matching range of rubber accessories for norament and noraplan floor coverings which can also be used in combination with other kinds of flooring.
Further accessories
An extensive range of accessories

The nora assortment with the norament and noraplan product lines, comprising over 300 colour, design and surface variations in the standard range, opens up a huge spectrum of creative possibilities for modern architecture. An extensive range of accessories that match the floor coverings rounds off the nora assortment.

To clean the homogeneous nora rubber flooring all you need is water and the exclusive nora pads. Sharp and aggressive cleaning agents are a thing of the past. A perfect symbiosis of cleaning ecology and economy, which contributes to keep the value of your flooring.
Recommendations with nora pads
A pad and some water – that’s all you need

nora pads are floor cleaning disks that are impregnated with countless, microscopically small diamonds. The flooring is mechanically cleaned and polished – just with water and absolutely no chemicals at all. nora pads are suitable for day-to-day care as well as for repairing extremely soiled or damaged floorings. They can be used with most standard types of machine and are available in different sizes. nora pads were exclusively developed for nora rubber floor coverings.
Routine cleaning made easy

It is very simple, you do not have to change your process. Just use the nora pads with your existing cleaning machines and thus simplify the daily or regular routine cleaning.
Define your own level of shine

Often, the operator or user of the floor wants a higher level of shine. You do not have to coat, polish or wax. Using nora pads, you can individually define the level of shine.
Get your floors looking as good as new again

It is always possible that flooring will get scratched through improper use or vandalism or that it will become really dirty. To get it back the way it was, just use the nora pad. Minor scratches and heavy dirt can be removed with abrasive pads 2 + 3 while pad 1 brings back the shine. Even if tiny layers of the flooring have been removed by scratches, it’s not a problem for nora rubber floorings because they have the same structure and colour all the way through.
Three different pads for three different areas of application

Pad 1

is used for initial and regular cleaning, as well as for finishing previously cleaned or newly laid floorings in a single operation. This creates an impressive, prolonged bright sheen effect, whereby the intensity of the sheen can be determined by the user.
Pad 2

is suitable for post-installation, interim and intensive cleaning, laying the foundation for daily use with Pad 1.
Pad 3

removes coarse dirt as well as scratches, and performs impressively in repairing floorings, particularly where satisfactory results can no longer be achieved using conventional cleaning procedures.
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