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North London Training Centre

  • Client: A busy Islington Workshop and Training Centre.
  • Brief: To check for suitability, prepare sub floor throughout the reception areas, changing rooms and first floor kitchen and washrooms then install a new resilient floor covering.
  • The solution: Our site survey revealed a damp problem where stop taps had been used excessively over many weeks. We advised the client that a surface damp proof membrane would need to be applied before any floor finish could be installed on the ground floor.
    On this level a smoothing compound was applied to ensure a smooth surface was achieved and a new plywood was installed to the first floor with a feather screed to cover the joints and screw holes. Sheet vinyl was then stuck down direct to the sub-floor throughout both levels including the stairway where new stair nosing were fitted. The joints were then welded and the perimeter sealed with clear silicone sealant. This is normal practice for our organisation and provides the customer with a near perfect floor finish.