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Office Flooring Refurbishment – Oxford Street

The Brief:

Our customer was keen to replace their carpet and vinyl, but did not want to disrupt its business, as any down time would be very costly. After an initial site survey and consultation to provide a solution, a selection of new flooring was chosen and a program was set up to replace the carpet tiles and vinyl over 2 weekends.

In this instance the floor space on and around each desk was cleared of paperwork and personal effects into flat pack box’s by each member of staff so free of paperwork and personal effects and placed on top of their desk.
Storage cabinets where “Decanted” into flat pack containers to reduce the potential damage whilst being moved. The Power and Data wiring was made safe, disconnected and cleared from the floor. Working from a continuous area from one side of the office to the other the furniture was moved or lifted, the existing carpet tiles removed and then replaced with new. The furniture was then returned to its original position. As the project was completed over 2 phases, all joints between the new and old floor coverings were made secure each weekend to meet Health & Safety standards.

The only difference our client’s staff knew on Monday morning was that their flooring had been changed with their personal/work effects back in the same position.