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Osmo Adds Shades Of Grey Wax

OSMO UK has extended its wood finishes range with Granite Grey and Silk Grey to its Wood Wax Finish Transparent range, which now totals 17 colours.
The range is suitable for use on interior flooring, timber cladding and panelling, ceiling profiles, skirting, doors, joinery, furniture and children’s toys.
Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparent is a satin-matt wood finish combining the properties of oils and waxes.
Said to require no primer or sanding between coats, the finish can be applied with a roller or brush and requires one or two coats, depending on the application.
When used on wooden flooring, Osmo suggests one coat of Wood Wax Finish Transparent and a top coat of clear Polyx-Oil.
The finish is designed to allow the wood to breathe and retain its elasticity.
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