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Plus Points Of Rubber & Linoleum

Rubber and linoleum each have several exclusive benefits:

Dalhaus DalRollo Satin rubber flooring was recently specified by architects Russell Sage Studio for a major new hospitality venue at the Banking Hall, Cornhill, London.
Over 400sq m of Dalhaus flooring in four colours (Mustard, Linen, Tern and Pitch) was used in the Grade II listed Main Hall. The interior of this part of the building was designed in the 1930s giving it a strong art deco influence. The refurb emulates the original art deco ceramic floor using Dalhaus rubber cut and laid in a bespoke geometric pattern.
The material was aquajet cut off site, and laid by London-based specialist WW Flooring.
While visually arresting, the rubber also offers a high level of impact and noise absorption suitable for a hospitality venue. The banking hall now hosts dinners, receptions, weddings, conferences and exhibitions.
Dalhaus rubber comes in roll and tile format, in smooth and relief finishes. It is said to be tough enough for the heaviest traffic areas yet soft and tactile underfoot with an excellent level of slip-resistance.
And while rubber flooring is generally considered to be an expensive alternative to other resilient finishes, Dalhaus demonstrates that this does not have to be so, with highly competitive pricing.
Dalhaus always has a selection of flooring in stock for next day delivery if time is tight. Equally, it offers a custom colour option made to order for larger jobs.
nora systems, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, has unveiled a revised colour range and an additional surface version for its noraplan stone.
This nora flooring product, with its characteristic granular design, has been on the market for a quarter of a century.
It is said to be equally at home in rail vehicles and buses in New York, China, and São Paolo as in schools, universities, hospitals, old people’s homes, and industry. Over 20m sq m of this product has been sold, an area equivalent to the Republic of Slovenia.
‘noraplan stone is described as an all-rounder for all areas of application. It still ranks among the highest selling floorings from the noraplan series,’ says noraplan product manager, Dirk Oswald.
The product now also has a classical refractive surface structure as well as a new, smooth variant.
‘Whereas the former meets the demand for special slip resistance, for instance in trains and school buildings, the smooth, extremely easy care version is suitable where high hygiene requirements must be fulfilled, for example in hospitals and medical practices,’ explains Dirk.
‘Whichever the case, the dispersed granulate is excellent at hiding dirt and dust so that the floor always looks clean even under heavy use by large numbers of people. nora now exclusively uses black and white granulate, for a more calming and homogeneous effect.
‘In addition to timeless, discreet grey and beige tones, vivid colours like Kiwi Green or Aquamarine provide appealing accents in the room. Customers can choose from 20 colours in the standard range of refractive surface variants.
Like all nora floorcoverings, this classic product is also free of PVC, plasticisers and halogens, for healthy indoor air. Its extremely dense sealed surface makes it highly durable.
The classical structured version of this product is still available in an electrically dissipative and a noise reducing design.
Treadmaster Flooring works with many design houses to develop custom floorcovering for specific projects. Slip resistant and fire retardant flooring based on cork and rubber has been supplied by UK-based Tiflex under the Treadmaster Flooring brand since 1951.
Treadmaster ranges can be customised to meet the interior designers’ needs. The product was recently specified to support DCA in the interior design of Hitachi trains for the UK’s new Intercity Express Program (IEP).
‘From a design perspective it is important to select materials that offer the right balance of physical attributes,’ says Paul Rutter, senior associate at DCA.
‘Flooring has to be easy to clean, hard-wearing and non-slip, with a premium look and feel to give the right visual impression.
All too often materials can be selected purely because of their low price, but do not create that special quality that the best designs can achieve.
‘Treadmaster worked with us to create a unique combination of finishes and surface textures to provide a practical, good-looking product that enhances the interior environment,’ says Paul.
In another close collaboration, Treadmaster worked with BMW Group subsidiary Designworks USA to create flooring for a metro project in Asia.
‘Treadmaster is a valuable partner in the creation of customised solutions that stay true to the initial design intent.
‘Treadmaster helped us implement our holistic design approaches,’ says Elke Weisbarth, lead designer at Designworks USA.
Tremco recommends its SF105 floorcovering adhesive for laying both linoleum and sheet vinyl materials.
The product is described as having high initial grab and permanent bond strength as well as other positive application characteristics. SF105 is also said to demonstrate good plasticiser migration resistance.
As an acrylic co-polymer emulsion, SF105 is non-flammable and offers low toxicity making it suitable for sensitive applications, offering an open time of 10-25 minutes depending on conditions, and a dry tack time of up to four hours.
Dusty substrates may need priming with a diluted coat then after pressing firmly to exclude any air pockets, the linoleum should be rolled in both directions.
With adequate consideration of a property’s usage, and correctly installed, linoleum can be employed for a very wide choice of locations.
Furthermore, installed using SF105 both its working life and appearance can be optimised, says the company.
tremco illbruck encompasses four brands in the UK after a worldwide brand reorganisation. The brands include Tremco, illbruck and Nullifire for the construction business.
Uzin KE 66 reportedly provides flooring contractors extremely reliable installation of rubber flooring as well as PVC and luxury vinyl tiles.
This is because KE 66 is fibre reinforced making it suitable for installing floorcoverings with low dimensional stability. It can also be used as a high temperature adhesive and has great coverage up to 70sq m.
KE 66 is also solvent free and has been awarded an EC1 plus classification for being very low emission. This ensures it provides the most ecological approach for flooring installations and is guaranteed to meet BREEAM or LEED certification, says Uzin.

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