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Polish Your Skills

THE latest market survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) suggests that the construction industry is currently enjoying a healthy revival, driven primarily by a boom in private housing.
However, figures from the first quarter of this year also indicate that a skills shortage is threatening to slow the pace of the sector’s recovery.
A crucial part of the trade is to be able to stay ahead of the game and offer training, which is something that perhaps a competitor may not be able to do.
Having a training offering will often give companies the competitive advantage, which is highly important during this revival period. Within the flooring industry there are a number of courses available.
Training through manufacturers is a brilliant way to ensure that the products are used to their best ability and that the finest results are achieved.
With flooring finishes, learning the correct application methods and techniques helps contractors and distributors understand how to achieve the best possible results.
The flooring industry has a number of courses and training schemes available across the country. Although it is often the case that time off work has to scheduled, sometimes even a whole day, the time off should be seen as productive and beneficial to the business.
Training reinforces knowledge of the trade as well as provides the opportunity to learn new techniques and ideas.
Certification gained from a training scheme will present to your customer base that you are dedicated and ahead of the game, offering a service that perhaps your competitors can’t.
There are also management courses available for the less physical side of the trade as well.
Duties such as time management, working as a team and estimations are all part of the job role, which are all crucial in getting the practical job done efficiently.
Many of the courses are listed on the following pages. So turn over.
Craig Pawson is the flooring specialist at Osmo UK n T: 01296 481220

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