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Potential Dangers Of Working With Asbestos

In case your London flooring company or you work with asbestos, you have to read this article. London flooring experts have to mention that the famous football player Stuart Pearce has faced the hazard of asbestos. He claims that it’s possible that he has breathed some of the dangerous and deadly dust of asbestos. How did it happen? This man worked like an electrician at the beginning of his career of football player. Actually Stuart Pearce has been a diligent manager of the English national under-21 team for the period between 2007 – 2013. In addition, this person directed and trained the Great Britain Olympic football team in the Olympics during 2012. Learn more:

  • It’s interesting to know that because he faced the problem with asbestos, now he supports the cause of the HSE asbestos safety campaign. London flooring experts point that people’s ignorance is really hazardous when it comes to work with asbestos. As a result of negligence and lack of preventive measures, deadly asbestos-connected disease can be developed – London flooring contractors know that very well.
  • Keep in mind, that according to HSE approximately 1.3m trades folks are still exposed to risk as a result of exposure of breathing microscopic fibres of this element.
  • According to London flooring specialists, there are people who underestimate the danger, but they are wrong, because asbestos is almost everywhere – in ceilings, walls, even in guttering and floor tiles. In fact, this element is in every property, build before the year 2000. London flooring contractors who perform drilling of holes or even sanding must also know how to deal with it, because the danger is really deadly.
  • Nowadays, it’s great that there are HSE’s free web applications, available for tablets and phones. This way not only London flooring experts, but also other people are informed where they can meet asbestos and they are provided guidelines how to work safely, without risk for their health.

London flooring experts say that we have to be all responsible and transform asbestos deaths in a thing, that will remain in the past.

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