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Problems With Oil Treatments And Use Of Stain

London flooring contractors claim, that wood flooring always requires the right specification. It’s a widespread practice, that products are often used in combination. London flooring experts explain, that when the colour of the wooden surface is changed as a result of stain, a specific surface treatment is accomplished in order to improve durability, slip resistance and water repellency. London flooring contractors advise not to make compromises in the name of fulfilling other criteria.

  • Let’s take for instance a famous shopping centre in London! The London flooring solution there was installing a large section of wooden flooring within a walkway section.
  • London flooring contractors explain, that the architect involved wanted to paint the oak blocks in much darker, deep brown. However, he knew very well the practical advantages of oil treatments.
  • London flooring contractors were instructed to stain the timber firstly and then to apply hardwax oil. As a result, soon after that this London flooring solution came out to be wrong – the surface showed some signs of wear. This was the result of the low level of durability.
  • In normal conditions, London flooring experts should clean and apply again hardwax oil. But this became impossible because of the use of stain. Because of discoloration of timber London flooring experts should perform sanding and cleaning.
  • The conclusion according to London flooring contractors is that high level of protection to the stained timber is crucial when it comes to high traffic areas. London flooring specialists say that varnish treatment is the best choice.
  • In the London shopping centre if London flooring experts had used traditional oil without application of stain treatment, the problems should have been smaller. In this case the surface became discoloured and worn. Further oil must have been applied.

London flooring experts claim, that if correct oiling is provided as frequently as needed, the surface may withstand the roughness and hard conditions. In a future article about London commercial flooring, we will pay attention to the effects of design.

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