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The Pros and Cons of Commercial Vinyl Flooring

man laying some vinyl flooring

If customers walk into your building and notice a shabby floor, they may be tempted to turn on their heels and walk straight out again. To give your clients a good first impression, it’s essential to have a high-quality floor that looks great, and this is why many companies love to use vinyl flooring. 

But what are the benefits of laying commercial vinyl flooring, and are there any downsides? Before investing in a flooring type, you need to be sure it will be a good investment that will improve the quality of your company premises. 

Let’s dive right in and take a look at the pros and cons of vinyl flooring for your business.


You can also refer to our portfolio while reading this pros list to see some examples of our vinyl flooring work. This can give you an idea of how a vinyl floor would look on your premises.


Whether you choose commercial vinyl plank flooring or commercial sheet vinyl flooring, you will have a robust floor that can withstand heavy use. This can be particularly important in high-traffic areas such as a lobby or busy hallways, as you need material that will not quickly show signs of wear and tear.

Vinyl flooring is also water-resistant and low maintenance, giving your cleaning staff more time to focus on keeping other areas of your premises clean and hygienic


Hardwood floors or stone surfaces can feel uncomfortable to walk on, as they are very firm. In contrast, commercial vinyl flooring has a softer and more padded feel that your employees and clients may find more soothing to walk on. 

Vinyl flooring can also help with soundproofing, reducing the noise levels in your building.

Value for Money

Vinyl flooring is relatively cheap to buy, and the installation costs are inexpensive, as it is not overly difficult to lay the material. Although, for the best results, we would recommend using professional services to lay your vinyl floor.


You can see that commercial vinyl flooring is an excellent choice. But, if your floor becomes damaged, there is a downside.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring Cannot Be Refinished.

If your vinyl floor is harmed, it cannot be refinished, and you would have to replace the affected area. If you are using commercial vinyl sheet flooring, this could mean replacing a large section.

However, you can buy a high-quality vinyl floor to reduce the risk of any impairments appearing and using vinyl plank flooring means you only have to replace a smaller area. 

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Commercial vinyl flooring is an excellent investment for your business, and The Flooring Group can supply and install your floor at a cost-effective price. Our professional employees have years of experience, and our long list of satisfied clients speaks volumes. 

We look forward to installing your floor and working with you for many years to come.

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