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Provide Your Floor The Most Appropriate Treatment!

According to London flooring contractors creating an effective specification for wood floor treatment is not at all difficult. The necessary treatment should bring back the flawless appearance of the surface; it must provide easy maintenance and resistance to the trafficking it is exposed to. Thanks to London flooring experts the right specification is essential especially when it comes to busy commercial environment. It may happen that the appearance is great, but other problems to provoke re sanding a few weeks later. This may become a reason for inconveniences and lost revenues. London flooring contractors advise when formulating a specification to have in mind some factors: the intended final appearance; the expected level of traffic; slip resistance feature or even resistance to some chemicals. London flooring specialists point these options for wooden floors:

  • London flooring companies provide 3 types of professional treatment – hardwax oil; varnish; penetrating oil. This way various results concerning sheen and colours are achieved. Actually, the floor may be finished in completely different colour prior to the treatment.
  • London flooring shops provide penetrating oils, that don’t deliver defensive coating on the timber. Instead of that, these penetrating oils harden and oxidise in the upper layer of the wood. London flooring contractors point that the absence of a coating becomes a reason of the popular matt look. Actually, the surface remains sensitive to damages and scratches. London flooring experts explain that with routine cleaning and application of further oil, the flooring becomes more liquid resistant and even an adorable patina is achieved.
  • The best feature of this kind of treatment is that consequent repairs are easy to be performed. In case a definite area needs restoration because of damages or discoloration, the surface is rectified simply by buffing. Then the excessive oil will be gently eliminated. This wonderful advantage allows large flooring surfaces /in public properties, airports/ to remain usable with minimum disruption.
  • Another London flooring solution is hardwax oil. It produces a layer of wax on the timber surface. As a result the floor becomes water repellent and sealed. Wear resistance is also provided. It is limited due to the thickness, but it’s present. London flooring experts remind that from a normal two coat application of hardwax oil on to bare timber, one is expected to reach thickness between 15 and 20 microns. London flooring contractors conclude that varnishes represent the most durable surface that can be manufactured. Less frequent maintenance is also necessary. When we add the durability, long term success of a varnish treatment is guaranteed.

London flooring companies summarise that with the appropriate usage of maintenance products and applying the necessary layers of varnish before the floor wears back to bare wood, you can avoid future full scale refurbishment.

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