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Quadrant Carpets

We are a British company that focuses on quality, providing outstanding flooring solutions for all key sectors.

At Quadrant Carpets we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect flooring solution for your commercial projects. For almost 20 years we’ve been building relationships with our customers that are two-way conversations, helping us to better understand your needs and helping you to see fresh perspectives and better solutions.

By uniting our expertise as carpet tile specialists with the expertise of leading commercial flooring manufacturers we are able to provide outstanding flooring solutions across diverse product platforms, including carpet tiles, Powerbond® hybrid sheet, broadloom, woven vinyl and matting. Each of our standard product platforms offer coordinated styles, extensive colour ranges, and a variety of patterns and textures that enhance the appearance of any interior, while addressing a number of budget alternatives.

We understand that specifiers seek single-source solutions and Quadrant Carpets are unique in providing innovative flooring solutions across all key market sectors.


It’s easy to talk about the environment, but harder to take responsibility, make tough decisions and take action by actually doing something to protect it.

At Quadrant Carpets we strive to create a business that is sustainable. We believe that sustainability is about meeting our current needs without threatening the future of generations to come. It is a genuine choice that we embrace wholeheartedly, one that is open to scrutiny and one that is as transparent as possible.

Mankind’s chronic disregard for the earth’s natural balance means we must quickly find ways of using nature’s resources in a way in which they can be replenished naturally. This requires us to minimise, halt and ultimately reverse the environmental degradation caused through human activity.

We’ve called this approach Tread Lightly, and it is an attitude that we take forward into every aspect of our business through four core principles of action. Any activity we undertake must uphold at least one of these four Tread Lightly principles:

Carpet Recovery

Through our Carpet Tile Recovery Scheme we are facilitating the recovery and reuse or recycling of used carpet tiles

This forward thinking initiative is one of many positive actions we are taking as part of our Tread Lightly campaign. It allows you to take positive action now to recycle used carpet tiles, hassle-free and at a cost comparable to landfill charges. We have developed a number of high-value reuse and recycling streams that avoid landfilling or incineration, not only for our own products, but for any manufacturers’ carpet tiles.

How does it work?

Simply give us a call or email us your enquiry
We will provide a quotation for the recovery of the waste carpet tiles
Place your order and we will deliver pallets and bags to site
At an agreed time we will collect the carpet tiles
We will divert the waste tiles to our highest value recovery programme
Once completed we will issue you with a certificate of proof
Click on the link below to read our Carpet Tile Recovery brochure.


At Quadrant we look at carpet a little differently. We develop products that not only offer exemplary quality, but that also provide specifiers with authentic real-world designs to elevate floor space.

Using only the highest quality materials and recycled ingredients wherever possible, UK-made carpet tiles from Quadrant Carpets provide interiors with floors driven through the latest innovation, capturing unique textures only possible through pioneering carpet tile technology. With a belief that a long life is the key to a more sustainable floor covering, modular and broadloom carpets from Quadrant offer the superior performance levels required by the most demanding of locations.

Quadrant Carpets’ quality-based approach to development has resulted in a unique product line of carpet tiles, Powerbond hybrid resilient sheet, broadloom and woven carpets that work individually or in a tandem to create solutions for nearly every commercial environment.

Long first life
Designs developed in the UK specifically for UK environments
UK-based production
Innovative manufacturing technology
Exceptional underfoot comfort and appearance retention
Recycled content where possible
Active take-back scheme to repurpose old carpet tiles
Outstanding diversity
Bespoke options available


Schools and universities represent the future and so it is important that interior spaces inspire pupils and young adults.

At Quadrant Carpets we believe everyone has a part to play and that ours is to deliver outstanding and inspiring floorcovering solutions. Products that are designed to inspire users and enhance the learning environment, that are budget-friendly and as sustainable as possible, are at the heart of what we do.

Many educational environments will benefit from Quadrant’s Powerbond hybrid resilient flooring that offers unique features for educational interiors, including:

Design flexibility
Improved indoor air quality
Exceptional underfoot comfort
Thermal insulation
Wall-to-wall moisture barrier
Acoustic absorption
Cost effective maintenance
Through our Flooring Imaginations Programme, Quadrant Carpets can open a world of creative possibility with the incorporation of complex inlaid patterns.


The healthcare market is in the midst of a dramatic evolution as it adapts to the changing needs of the populations it serves.

The healthcare sector presents a range of complex issues that must be addressed in order to maximise the positive influences of the interior upon staff, patients and visitors alike. From safety and comfort, to maintenance, performance and design, the floorcovering must deliver the best possible aesthetics and functionality while fitting with the stringent financial constraints often found in healthcare projects.

In many healthcare environments carpet can be overwhelmed by the demanding conditions encountered, so at Quadrant Carpets we recommend Powerbond resilient flooring, which is designed for use in extreme environments. Designed to perform over decades, Powerbond is an ideal floorcovering for healthcare facilities with an array of benefits including:

Durable surface
Improved indoor air quality
Exceptional underfoot comfort
Suitable for use with wheeled traffic
Thermal insulation
Wall-to-wall moisture barrier
Acoustic absorption
Cost effective maintenance
Design flexibility


Our carpets are designed to perform in almost every flooring environment, and to look better for longer at less cost, providing users with cost-effective, sustainable flooring solutions.

A consistent, proactive maintenance programme can significantly improve appearance retention throughout the life of the carpet and defer the need for premature replacement. Planned maintenance not only maximises your return on investment but also represents sound environmental stewardship as lifecycle analysis shows that the overall environmental footprint of carpet is reduced by increasing the amount of time a carpet remains on the floor. Our guidelines are designed to provide you with the basic information needed to create an effective maintenance programme, however for detailed advice and implementation please consult a professional carpet maintenance company.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep outside areas clean: Outside maintenance helps minimise immediate sources of soil. The cleaner you keep the areas around the perimeter of your building, the less dirt that will be tracked inside.

Use soil barriers: Walk-­off mats, grates and removable mats help collect soil before it can be tracked throughout the building. Be sure soil barriers are large enough to allow for at least 5 steps across. Vacuum daily, clean frequently and change often for best results.

Protect desk areas: Chair pads under desks prevent castors from crushing carpet and grinding in soil.

Specify eating & drinking areas: By restricting these activities to limited areas, you can help to confine certain difficult kinds of soil.

Manage your HVAC system: To remove any airborne particles before they are re­circulated, regularly replace or clean filters on air­handling equipment. Airborne soil includes industrial wastes, auto emissions, tobacco smoke and pollen.

Manage Soiling & Stains

Vacuuming frequency: Heavy to moderate traffic areas such as entrances, receptions, lift lobbies, lift cars, busy corridors and walkways, funnel points, cafeterias, vending areas, should be vacuumed daily. Light traffic areas such as offices and conference rooms should be vacuumed at least two to three times per week.

Vacuuming Equipment type: Dual motor vacuums are very effective machines for thoroughly cleaning all areas of carpeting. This vacuum uses two motors to clean. One motor drives a beater­brush bar that knocks dirt loose, while the second motor provides suction that pulls dirt into the vacuum bag. Vacuums must be capable of removing the dry soil without producing unacceptable pile distortion and without distribution of the particulate or volatile organic chemicals into the air. Consideration should be given to the use of vacuums equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA). These filters are capable of filtering particles down to 0.3 microns, which includes bacteria and spores but not viruses. The HEPA ­filtered vacuums have a very healthy impact upon indoor air quality. Vacuum bags should be emptied frequently, and never allowed to become more than one quarter full. As bags fill up, vacuum efficiency decreases. When vacuuming heavy traffic areas, bags should be checked and emptied often. Change filters and brushes before they become clogged or worn.

Promptly remove spills & stains: Although spills are inevitable, permanent stains do not have to be. Most stains can be avoided or removed by immediate, or at least same day, treatment. It is good practice to have spot and stain removal products and equipment on hand for immediate use.

Proactive, Programmed Cleaning

Interim cleaning: The goal of interim maintenance is to keep the carpet clean and maintain a consistent appearance level at the lowest possible cost, without sacrificing safety. The primary focus is frequent low­-moisture pile revival and the removal of oily and sticky residues that would otherwise hold soil in the carpet and lead to over­cleaning. The two most effective methods of interim cleaning are Encapsulation and Dry Compound Cleaning.

Periodic deep cleaning: Where an effective and consistent interim cleaning programme has been adopted, periodic deep cleaning should only be performed on an annual basis, or less often in light traffic areas, except in special cases such as poor scheduling of interim maintenance, flooding or otherwise extraordinary conditions. The most effective form of deep cleaning is Hot Water Extraction.

Maintain the fluorocarbon protector: Most Quadrant carpets have fluorocarbon applied to the pile fibres during the manufacturing process. This application protects the fibres from staining and allows soiling to be more easily removed. The fluorocarbon protection must be maintained, and should be tested following each extraction to determine if reapplication is necessary.

Cleaning frequency: Heavy traffic areas should be interim cleaned on a monthly or quarterly basis. Encapsulation cleaning is intuitive and anyone can achieve error­free results without special skills or training, with no more time or effort than operating a vacuum, which makes it very cost effective. In moderate traffic areas interim cleaning may be carried our twice yearly, and less frequently in light traffic areas. Hot Water Extraction should be carried out annually in high traffic areas and less frequently in moderate traffic areas. Light traffic areas may never need Hot Water Extracting. We recommend that you contact your maintenance provider to assist in the identification of traffic areas and planning of cleaning and maintenance routines.


Correct installation of all commercial carpeting is vital to ensure the carpeting not only looks it’s best, but that it performs properly throughout it’s lifetime.

Our installation guidelines are for experienced installers. Adherence to these procedures should result in a quality installation. If the installation instructions provided on our website do not cover a particular product or site condition or if you require further information please contact Customer Services on 01622 719090 or email