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Rely On Safe And Durable Floorings For Kitchen Areas

In this article London flooring contractors will pay attention at drink and food preparation areas. All London flooring experts are aware that walls and floors in these premises may end up with food residues, grease and oil. Therefore hygiene and safety should be at first place when it comes to London flooring solutions. London flooring companies have to create comfortable environment, which is durable and affordable. All that must be done by London flooring experts with minimum downtime when it comes to installation. Here are further details on the topic:

  • When it comes to London contract flooring and London commercial flooring, safety should come at first place. All employers are responsible for the safety of all people who use their industrial space or kitchen. London flooring experts point that in UK approximately 1.5m working days per year are lost, because of falls injuries and slips. London flooring contractors explain that falls and trips are frequent phenomenon in catering sector and hotel industry. Usually, the reason for these accidents are grease and food waste.
  • London flooring contractors should take care of slip resistance in food preparation and kitchen areas.
  • Customers should rely on London flooring solutions with sustained slip resistance especially when contaminants such as milk, cooking oil, greasy water, usually fall on the floor. London flooring contractors advise to always ask for a proof when it comes to sustained slip resistance.
  • In addition London flooring experts claim that all surfaces in food preparation and kitchen zones should meet all the safety and health standards. For instance, there are finishes such as ceramic tiles, that may become a breeding ground for microbes.
  • London flooring specialists reveal an international system for food safety management – it’s called HACCP. So, final users should rely on London flooring solutions with HACCP International certification.
  • London flooring contractors advise you to consider the cleanability of surfaces and to look for impervious London flooring solutions where there is no place for bacteria to hide.
  • London flooring companies should consider also the comfort of those people who will step on the surface for many hours. For example, safety flooring that’s 3mm thick delivers added comfort underfoot. This London flooring solution offers also wonderful sound absorption.

London flooring contractors summarise that kitchens are tough environments. Consequently you need reliable London flooring solutions, that are resistant to moisture, cleaning agents, heat and dirtiness.

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