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Resin Flooring – Ideal For Renovation

What do you know about resin London flooring? According to London flooring contractors, seamless resin flooring is claimed perfect if you want to refurbish your old floor. Here the accent is put on chemical and slip resistance together with the aesthetic look of the building ambiance. Learn more, thanks to information, provided by London flooring experts:

  • You have to keep in mind that most of the restoration work is happening in “live” environment, so downtime and destruction must be diminished to minimum. It’s crucial to select the most appropriate London flooring product. We have to mention that a great part /over 60%/ of reconstruction projects in industrial and commercial sector rely on installation of this resin London flooring. As the time goes by, London flooring producers have improved these resin London floorings and now they provide great durability along with impressive design.
  • London flooring experts say to look at the Thomas’ Clapham Day School (Senso Flooring/Sika UK) for example! Thanks to poured resin floor and application of design technique the amazing world of Narnia has been presented to kid’s school library.
  • Another good example, according to London flooring specialists, is the Grade II listed Manchester Central library (with installed Ancorite/Resin Surfaces). Here there was a great challenge for the brand new London flooring option, but a wonderful result was achieved thanks to installation of seamless and decorative resin terrazzo. It was a great decision which complemented the wonderful and neo-classical features of this famous building.
  • Another example for refurbishing with resin London flooring with great slip and scratch resistance is the automobile engineering space at Jaguar Land Rover. The solution to apply resin floor was taken by London flooring contractors in order to resist to hot automobile tyres, stains from hydrocarbons and brake fluids.

London flooring experts advise us to have in mind that detailed guidance on the proper choice of resin flooring for both restoration and new build practices is accessible in the FeRFA website.

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