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Rubber Flooring – Benefits

Nora Rubber Flooring

Nora Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring is a resilient and wholly natural floorcovering that makes it suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial locations.

Here are some of the reasons why Nora rubber flooring is suitable;

*Long-life warranties – due to the durability of the rubber flooring, Nora are able to offer long warranties.

*Dirt-repellent – a vulcanised finish creates an extremely dense, easy to clean surface.

*Environmentally compatible – PVC-free, high quality rubber. ISO 14001 accredited. Blue Angel award.

*No Coatings Required – Nora rubber flooring has a thicker cleanguard surface; hence substantially reduced maintenance costs.

*Superb chemical resistance – due to the vulcanised surface.

*Highly slip resistance – all Nora flooring achieves R9 classification in accordance with DIN 51130. Some achieve R10 7 R11.

*Outstanding fire protection qualities – DIN 4102 B1. No corrosive gases and halogen free.

*Resistant to chewing gum – dense surface structure provides no key for gum. Trodden-in gum is easily removed.

*Resistant to cigarette burns – no damage as per EN 1399 caused by stubbed and/or glowing cigarettes.

*Resistant to surface disinfectants.

*Wide choice of colour and design.

*Nora rubber floors are permanently resilient.

*Nora rubber floors will not turn brittle; hence they cannot be manipulated and intentionally damaged in that way.

*Nora rubber floors are dimensionally stable – therefore they do not shrink and do not require melding. Weld-free floorcovering give to better aesthetics and are easier to clean.

*Provides excellent sound reduction qualities.

*Softness underfoot provides walking comfort.

Nora rubber floorings overall provide many benefits to customers.