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Rubber Flooring for your Bathroom

With your bathroom being one of the most used rooms in your home. choosing the appropriate flooring is essential for your household’s safety and pleasure. Your chosen material needs to be aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, functional, easily maintained and straightforward to install. Rubber bathroom flooring brings all of these characteristics, unlike many other materials which can be used for bathrooms.

Rubber bathroom flooring is a fantastic choice of material because it comes with durability, ease of maintenance and attractiveness. So, what are some other reasons to choose rubber bathroom flooring?

Why choose rubber bathroom flooring?

There are various reasons that rubber is the best material choice for your bathroom floor.

Comfortable on your feet

Having elastic properties means that when you step on rubber bathroom flooring, the material depresses, giving you a soft and comfortable underfoot sensation. With the choice of ceramic tiles or stone, you will get the opposite sensation.

Mould resistant

Rubber doesn’t support the growth of fungus, mould and bacteria, which is great because bathrooms are usually wet environments so you are less likely to experience mould. Bathrooms tend to be moist and humid, yet rubber maintains traction even when in these conditions. As well as this, insects aren’t a fan of rubber so you’re less likely to find little friends lying around in your bathroom with rubber flooring.

High durability

Rubber is a highly dense material which means it can easily take on heavy loads and high foot traffic whilst resisting damage. On top of this, it can resist extreme temperatures and chemicals making it a great choice of material for bathroom flooring.


Rubber contains water-soluble compounds, making it a water-resistant material as well as stain resistant. This water resistance prevents water from seeping through down to the room below your bathroom, which can be an issue with many other materials used in bathrooms.

Easy installation

The installation process of rubber flooring is super easy and doesn’t need any adhesives which will make a mess. The material is installed by simply laying the product down and using strong double-sided tape.

Non-slip flooring

Rubber flooring offers a good grip because it is naturally non-slip due to its higher coefficient of friction.  For the best results, opt for textured rubber which will offer the best grip to your feet. To add to that, the soft floor stops children from falling against a hard floor surface.

Aesthetically pleasing

Whilst rubber has many practical properties, it is also attractive to look at. You can choose from a range of colours and textures to best suit your bathroom interior.


Rubber bathroom flooring is cost-effective and easy to keep clean, making it a great option for bathroom flooring. Rubber bathroom flooring is easy to maintain making it an affordable and cost-effective choice of bathroom flooring.

Here at The Flooring Group, we provide a wide range of affordable commercial and residential rubber bathroom flooring, and a professional, high quality installation service, guaranteeing an easy-to-maintain bathroom floor.  Contact us today on 0207 609 1234 or visit our website to find out more.