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Rubber Has A Long Life Warranty, Naturally

WITH more and more building projects taking account of lifecycle costs as part of their planning and specification process, the durability and maintenance of products are becoming increasingly important. People are becoming wiser to the fact that they have to replace flooring in too short a period of time.
By choosing rubber flooring which is exceptionally durable, has a long life warranty, and only requires solution free cleaning, the client is assured a superior quality, healthy and also economical long-term solution.
Rubber flooring is made from natural rubber combined with industrial rubber, the latter being necessary in order to provide certain performance criteria. Once the requisite mix has been achieved the rubber is vulcanised by a process of heat and pressure. The result is an environmentally friendly and highly durable material that is suitable for a wide range of projects including schools, hospitals, airports, retail, leisure and transportation.
Unlike PVC and lino, rubber is the same material all the way through with no thin artificial coating, thus both designer and customer can be assured that the floor will not wear out and require constant re-coatings costing considerable time and money. Rubber flooring is proven to withstand the test of time. In fact, there are notable examples around the world, such as airport terminals and listed buildings that are currently undergoing renovation but the rubber flooring still looks good and does not need to be replaced.
In addition to a long lifecycle, it is also sustainable when it comes to everyday care. If special pads (example: new nora cleaning system pads) are used as recommended by the manufacturer, rubber flooring can be cleaned and polished with just water – absolutely no chemicals are required. This process saves approximately 30% of the time required to clean through standard methods.
Cleaning disks compatible with standard machines are impregnated with countless, microscopically small diamonds which are suitable for day-to-day cleaning as well as repairing or rejuvenating extremely soiled or damaged floors.
The rejuvenation option provides the client with peace of mind that even very light coloured products can be used in very heavily trafficked areas with assurances that the floor can be cleaned on a daily basis and bring it back to looking like new.
Energy-saving construction methods which create more sealed buildings have brought with them huge challenges; they minimise air exchange, making the use of low-emission materials even more important. Rubber floor coverings that carry recognised eco-credentials and meet with the criteria for the protection of health are now a necessity; for example the “Blue Angel’ eco-label for low emissions ensures vital hygienic indoor air quality. This is important for all buildings but even more so for environments with more vulnerable occupants, such as nurseries and hospitals.
Design is considered important for private commercial buildings, where the quality of the interior serves to convey a sense of prestige and corporate branding to clients and also staff. It is equally important, however, in all built environments. Whether to calm or to stimulate, inspire or point the way, the flooring takes up a large surface area and thus contributes greatly to the interior space.
Rubber floorcoverings are available in a variety colours from muted to vibrant to create elegant room designs and an ambience for feeling good. They also come with structured surfaces which add depth or light-reflective granite particles which create subtle sparkle. Rubber flooring allows many designs including logos, patterns and way-finding to be cut-out and laid into the material, while still providing the same integrity as the solid material.
Guy Stanton is a director at nora flooring systems UK

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