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Rubber The ‘Healthy’ Choice For Schools

Guy Stanton, md of nora systems UK, explains why rubber is the ‘healthy’ choice for flooring:
THOSE responsible for planning and constructing educational buildings are faced with widely differing challenges.
However, all projects have one thing in common: the practically airtight construction methods that are used today to save energy. These minimise air exchange in buildings and make the use of low emission materials absolutely indispensable.
A key deciding factor when specifying flooring is to ensure healthy indoor air. Clean air is vitally important. This not only relates to the floorcovering itself, which must be harmless to health and ecologically safe, but also installation materials such as primers, fillers and adhesives, as well as the quality of the work, all play a major role in achieving a healthy learning environment.
Students as well as teachers often spend all day in education facilities. Children’s bodies in particular are still developing and react sensitively to pollutants, which is why they need special protection and care. Their health and well-being form the basis for their future learning success.
Rubber floorcoverings are the ideal solution for educational projects. They are exceptionally kind to the environment and provide warmth underfoot, they are comfortable enough for pupils to sit on. They have excellent acoustic properties and can also reduce the severity of injury in the event of a fall, making it practical for all ages from nurseries through to adult education.
In terms of health, rubber floorcoverings do not contain any PVC or plasticizers, are slip resistant and are toxicologically safe in the event of fire. Furthermore, the floorcoverings are dirt repellent, and naturally resist bacteria and mould. The extremely dense and closed surface allows easy and economic cleaning, ideal for schools, seeking a more cost and time effective cleaning regime.
Rubber flooring is exceptionally durable and easy to clean and maintain making it potentially the most cost effective flooring solution on the market when also considering lifetime maintenance and replacement costs.
The advantage of the closed dense surface of rubber floorcoverings is that it does not require a coating. Coatings are applied to other flooring types to fill open pores and create a more durable surface. This coating will always have to be renewed which is not only time-consuming and expensive but also leads to considerable operational disruptions during the refurbishment process.
Rubber is a versatile material and can be produced in a range of colours and bespoke design options, creating environments which are not only healthy but also have a motivating, visual appearance.

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