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Safety Floor

There are many manufacturers of safety floor and they all have lots to choose from. As a buyer where do you start? The predominant factor has to be, why do you need a new floor covering? Where do you want your new flooring to be installed? What traffic volume is expected? Who will maintain the floor? When are you requiring the new floor to be installed?

Your selection will come from a variety of sources trade magazines, journals, web sites usually if you approach a flooring contractor they will point you toward a product that they know works well or they have a vested interest in. Be sure that the product suggested meets your requirement. Will it do what it says it will do?

Be aware that a product can claim to be slip resistant, but may not be thoroughly tested to support that claim. Help in accessing compliance can be obtained through HSE slips and trips information bulletin

When it comes to your survey make sure you know why the surveyor is there. He must be able to give advice on any problem whether present or not.

Sooner or later it comes to cost. Ensure when you get quotations that every one is pricing for the same items. Many of times I have supplied a project price together with any breakdown costs required only to compete against someone that has only part quoted and treated subsequent parts as extras.

Once a product has been installed it is important to have a full support service. I have never known a client not want his supplier to show interest and concern post installation. At the Flooring Group we pride ourselves upon the after sales service we provide. It is this that sets us apart from our competitors.