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Seamless Resin Floorings Are Wonderful For Food Preparation Areas

London flooring contractors want to pay attention, that safety and health requirements must be accomplished at any workspace. However, London flooring experts point, that in food preparation spaces, this is even more important in order to avoid accidents. London flooring specialists remind, that in these spaces spillages and dampness are a regular phenomenon, so it’s crucial to ensure maintenance up to the highest standards. Learn more details:

  • When it comes to London contract flooring, we have to mention, that exactly in these environments, seamless resin flooring is an excellent option. It’s a great London flooring solution when it comes to slip resistance and hygiene maintenance.
  • Actually, London flooring contractors specify that if it’s correctly installed resin flooring delivers excellent level of slip resistance even in contaminated, dry or wet environment.
  • London flooring experts say that resin flooring may be applied as a surface coating. As a final touch, curing process or polymerisation is performed.
  • London flooring specialists explain, that big spaces of seamless flooring may be applied without the necessity of any joints. Actually it’s better without joints because they may become a harbour of hazardous microbes.
  • When it comes to London commercial flooring in food preparation zones the ability of the flooring to be sanitised is of great importance. So, in this case resin flooring is the ideal option.
  • London flooring specialists point also, that regular tests of the slip resistance must be accomplished. This is crucial to implement an effective cleaning regime.

To conclude, we can say, that the installation of special resin flooring must be performed by high-qualified London flooring contractors.

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