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Shag Carpet

The old Shag carpet of the 1970s, like other fashions, has made a resurgence. However, shag carpet is now a high end, interior design fashion statement. While Austin Powers and red and black polyester carpet may come to mind, today’s Shag carpet is created to be a luxury item and construction characteristics are much improved. The shag carpet of the 1970’s typically had a pile height of 2 1/2 to 3 inches with very low pile density. The pile was loose so that the carpet tufts laid over in all directions.

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The 1970’s Shag carpet came “pre-flattened”, so you never had to worry about crushing. Generally, if you owned an Irish setter, you purchased ‘”Red” Shag carpet; A Black Lab usually necessitated a red and black combination. With 1970’s shag carpet, two maintenance tools were often necessary; a vacuum cleaner and a garden rake (pile rake). While Saturday Night Fever and Disco Nights may not return, all good things evolve.

Shag Carpet of today has been revitalized and present some of the most beautiful carpet styles on the market today. However, high fashion usually means high cost. Typically, the higher the cost the higher the profit for carpet retailers. Dalton Carpet Wholesalers specialize in these high-end carpet styles, because they sell on profit per square yard rather than a profit margin by cost.

Today’s shag carpet may have a lower pile height, higher pile density, and higher carpet twist level than classic shag carpet styles. They may be found in both staple fiber and continuous filament fiber, but most are found in staple carpet fiber. And the name “shag” would “never” be used in today’s market. Today’s shag carpet would be called a “cable” yarn system, but it is still basically your father’s Oldsmobile. However, in Today’s market it’s only groovy if it’s called something other than a shag carpet.