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Slip Resistant Safety Floorings With Modern Design – Is It Possible?

Our London flooring company is aware that normally safety floorings are considered as a functional necessity. Often they can be too conventional and with various design. Nowadays, London flooring contractors notice, that customers require not only slip-resistant and durable floorings, but also floorings, that are original and complement the interior. Learn more details:

  • London flooring contractors should rely only on products, that correspond to European Standard requirements and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) demandings. Actually, via pendulum test the measurement of slip resistance is executed. This specific test may be applied both in contaminated and dry conditions and shows the coefficient of friction of a flooring to deliver a slip potential classification. For instance a pendulum test value (PTV) of 36 or higher proves low slip risk.
  • London flooring contractors mention also that there is EN 13845 which is the European Standard which guarantees the sustainability of slip resistance of vinyl floor surfaces.
  • London flooring experts tell that every flooring has different role in one building. So, it’s very important to determine the usage of the flooring.
  • When it comes to aesthetics, London flooring contractors try to offer more than usual stereotypical safety flooring design. Thanks to applying welcoming and warmer finishes (textured designs, wood, stone), contemporary appearance is achieved. London flooring experts point, that a great variety of colours is offered too. This way the needs of different sectors (public, retail, commercial) are fulfilled.
  • London flooring contractors claim that non-traditional colours and designs should not mean a compromise with safety performance. The truth is that ordinary safety floorings contain carborundum particles in the wear layer, which are very dark in colour. Consequently the overall colour and design of the flooring are influenced by these particles.
  • London flooring specialists reveal that thanks to modern technical developments, there are safety floorings with elegant design, that still deliver amazing slip resistance capability.

Our London flooring company recommends to keep in touch with reputable and reliable manufacturers.

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