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Smoothing and levelling compounds and underlayments are a vital part of surface preparation:

Bostik Screedmaster Flow is a self-smoothing compound, developed for its high strength performance, excellent flow characteristics and ease of preparation.
The two component protein-free smoothing compound is designed for levelling floors prior to laying coverings, and is particularly suited to working with LVTs.
The formula is said to be low odour, high strength and can be used under a surface DPM, such as Screedmaster Rapid DPM.
Screedmaster Flow reportedly offers outstanding flow properties for a product of its type, combining the performance of a latex formula with water mix characteristics.
Other Bostik smoothing compounds include Screedmaster Speed, a high strength polymer modified underlayment which reportedly sets in as little as 30 minutes for fast-track application, and Screedmaster Smooth, said to form an ultra-smooth surface and can be applied by trowel or mortar screw pump.
The Bostik flooring range will receive a new look in early 2015, so check out Bostik gecko at your local supplier.
F Ball and Co says its products meet the needs of flooring contractors faced with tight time constraints and pressure to bring rooms back into use as quickly as possible. Thanks to recent technological advancements there are now more fast track smoothing underlayments available than ever before to speed up the preparation of subfloor surfaces.
F Ball products offer:
Protection against moisture: Should a moisture measurement test find relative humidity (RH) levels of 75% or above, (65% or above when working with wooden floorcoverings), a waterproof surface membrane must be installed.
The fastest high quality waterproof surface membranes on the market can now cure in less than two hours.
Solutions for contamination: On large projects, the mechanical removal of contaminants, such as old adhesive residues, can prove costly and time consuming, which is why there are now professional smoothing underlayments on the market that can be applied directly over adhesive residues, without the need for priming or mechanical removal.
The best smoothing underlayments designed for use over old adhesive residues can be ready to receive a new floorcovering after only four hours.
Some professional smoothing underlayments are also suitable for use directly over waterproof surface membranes, without needing priming.
The fastest solutions: Having ensured that a subfloor is sound and dry before installing a smoothing underlayment allows flooring contractors to create a uniform, smooth surface on which to install a final covering.
As well as smoothing underlayments that can save time with the mechanical removal of adhesive residue, dedicated fast track solutions are also available.
Rapid set and rapid drying underlayments incorporate the latest advancements in cement technology. The fastest products achieve walk-on hardness after just 30 minutes and make it possible for subfloors to receive new textile and resilient coverings from only 45 minutes.
Technological advancements and ongoing product developments mean that smoothing underlayments can offer time-saving benefits in common settings and situations, without compromising the high quality and lasting finish that contractors expect from the best modern flooring products.
Mapei Planiprep Skimcoat is described as a fast-drying skim-coat and finishing mortar recently added to the company’s surface preparation range.
Planiprep Skimcoat is a smoothing underlayment mortar and a fine polymer-modified cement-based product, designed for repair and levelling. The versatile mortar is said to be suitable for skimming uneven subfloors and joints, filling screw-holes in plywood surfaces and repairing other minor surface defects.
Planiprep Skimcoat is designed for professional trowel application onto clean, dry surfaces, mixed with water to achieve the desired paste-like consistency.
It is available in 10kg bags and reportedly provides approximate coverage of 1kg per sq m per mm of thickness.
The mortar is said to set in 30 minutes (at a thickness of 3mm), is suitable for light foot traffic after two hours and ready for subsequent bonding of floorcoverings after 4-6 hours.
Mapei also recently unveiled Find your Lucky Star, a prize draw to help celebrate the launch of Planiprep Skimcoat.
Mapei has already received five blue stars, discovered by individuals who bought Planiprep Skimcoat.
To enter the prize draw, buy the product from participating distributors and if you discover either a blue star (1 of 10 in total worth £1,000 each) or single gold star, (worth £5,000) then follow the terms and conditions on the company website and answer the validation questions.
Claimants have until June 30, 2015 to claim their prize.
T&R Floor Covering Distributors has introduced three Ultra Floor underlayments to its adhesives and screeds range, Level It Super30, Level It Bond and Level It 2.
The products are said to offer multiple application and performance benefits, including reduced installation times.
All three products are available from stock for standard two-day delivery or next day, by request.
Ultra Floor Level It Super30 is described as a rapid setting/drying underlayment that allows you to level and lay in a day, cutting on-site time.
The high performance screed reportedly gives rapid strength gain and is ready for foot traffic after 30 minutes and for overlay after 45 minutes. Impervious floorcovering can be installed after just three hours.
New Level It Bond is a rapid drying, moisture tolerant screed that can apparently be applied over adhesive residues, eliminating the need for priming and cutting on-site time. The underlayment is also moisture tolerant and can be overlaid after four hours.
The third new screed, Level It 2 is a high flow preparation said to offer superior flow and handling, for a fast installation.
The two-component underlayment is also tolerant to moisture and can be overlaid after 12 hours.
Tilemaster Adhesives is a family business established for over 23 years, retaining its exclusive family virtues for customer care and commitment.
Tilemaster Adhesives is committed to supplying the industry with a comprehensive range of products manufactured to the highest standards.
The company has continued to extend its range of subfloor preparation products, with the latest addition being Rapid Level 30, an ultra-rapid setting self-levelling compound suitable for when a genuine fast track solution is required.
Rapid Level 30 is water based and contains advanced binder technology to significantly speed up the process for the flooring contractor. The product is said to be ready to receive impervious floor finishes 90 minutes after application and ceramic/porcelain tiles after 45–60 minutes.
It is suitable for use on a large variety of surfaces, including underfloor heating systems and timber substrates. It is designed for depths of 2mm–15mm in one application.
The product’s excellent flow and self levelling properties mean that once set, it is ready to receive the flooring finish without any additional work.
It is protein free for use in sensitive environments.
Rapid Level 30 has been extensively tested with Tilemaster’s professional flooring customers with very positive feedback confirming all its claims.
Projects have been completed quicker and there is delight with the product and the end result, because ‘it does exactly what it says on the packaging’.
Uzin states that its L3 Gold smoothing compound is ideal for use in refurbishment projects as it can be applied over old waterproof adhesives residues such as bitumen, if hard, sound and well bonded to the substrate.
It can reportedly be used without a primer in most cases and has a high compressive strength of 25 N.
It is also described as being extremely quick setting to install floorcoverings after only two hours. It is can also be used under a DPM, is easy to sand down and flows exceptionally well.
Due to increasing regulation regarding duty of care and allergies to latex, Uzin has developed L3 Gold to be free from ammonia and latex and therefore suitable for use in sensitive environments such as hospitals.
Saint-Gobain Weber says its Design Floor products are the key to creating hard-wearing, seamless and super-smooth floors to complement any environment.
Interiors that feature broad, open-plan floor spaces with impressive entrances, gallery layouts and retail spaces, will reportedly achieve maximum visual impact.
Design Floor screeds are an integral element in the comprehensive Weber flooring systems range allowing architects, designers and specifiers to create new concepts with added dimensions in striking, long-lasting and low maintenance floor finishes.
Self-levelling Design Floor screed reportedly enables the creation of practical floors with eye-pleasing aesthetics that are quick, simple and cost-effective to install, are casein-free with low alkalinity and low emissions.
weber.floor 4650 design colour is described as a cement- based, pumpable, self-levelling compound with rapid setting characteristics that enables foot traffic in just 3-5 hours and is fully hard in 24 hours. This through-coloured compound is available in 10 natural colours created by alkaline durable pigments. Application depth can be between 4-15mm and the material can be ground and polished for a superb final finish.
weber.floor 4635 design ground stone is a similar pumpable screed with dark aggregate granules added to the compound. It is ready for foot traffic in 3-5 hours and after curing for 24 hours the top surface can be ground and polished to a high gloss. The recommended finished layer thickness is between 10-12mm to create a smooth, seamless, polished micro terrazzo finish available in light or dark stone colours.
Saint-Gobain Weber flooring systems offer a comprehensive range of technically advanced flooring screeds to meet all applications and to take account of varied flooring strategies.
Ultra rapid drying screeds, high build depths, bonded, unbonded and floating floor solutions are available together with a wide range of auxiliary products, including primers suitable for most substrates; acoustic reduction matting; epoxy damp-proof membranes and glass fibre reinforcing mesh.

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