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Solid Wood Floor

Solid wood flooring comes in a huge variety of woods, widths, thickness and colour to suit almost any requirement from modern to traditional homes. They are easy to maintain and are far more hygienic than fitted carpets. With the proper care and attention, your solid wood floor will last a lifetime and like a good wine, improve with age.
Wooden floors these days are extremely fashionable adding tremendous value to any home. Estate agents state that “homes with wooden floors sell twice as easily as those without”.

Solid wood flooring is secret or surface nailed onto joists or a quality sub-floor, but can also be glued onto a concrete or wood sub-floor with plenty of allowance for wood expansion.

It differs from engineered flooring in that it is cut directly from the log and as its name suggests it is one piece of solid wood. This means that it is less stable than its engineered counterpart and not suitable for laying over under floor heating or in areas where there is any sign of damp.

Solid wood flooring is available Unfinished or Prefinished. Unfinished enables you to colour and finish your floor to your exact requirements, onsite, once the floor has been fitted. Prefinished has the advantage of being quicker to fit, less mess and is ready to use straight away.

There are many types of solid wood that you can choose for your floor with Oak flooring being an extremely popular option.

Examples of Solid Wood Floors

Our Solid Wood Flooring Services

Onsite Consultation
To help you best understand your options we will send an onsite specialist to your premises, for free to discuss all your requirements. He will offer you honest and reliable information, drawn from his considerable knowledge and experience of wooden floors. He will carry an assortment of samples for your perusal; if you can decide then and there exactly what you want, that is great, if not he will encourage you to visit our showroom for a larger selection.

To arrange for our onsite specialist to visit your premises please contact us via this link

Supply and Installation

We offer a complete hassle free supply and installation service, from ordering of materials to the clearing of waste from your site and everything in between, even moving your furniture if required.

Fitting a solid wood floor is a highly skilled trade and done CORRECTLY it will last a lifetime, done INCORRECTLY it will lift and buckle in a very short space of time. We are so confident with our highly skilled fitters that we are prepared to guarantee our workmanship for life. Now that’s peace of mind!

Our promise is to arrive on time and finish on time, offer you the best possible service and products to match your exact needs all at an affordable and realistic price.

We are one of the very few companies who undercut skirting to accommodate a new floor, this negates the need to replace all the skirting which is expensive and requires complete redecoration.

We will also advise on the best floor finish for your needs to ensure that your floor looks gorgeous always and is easy to clean and maintain.