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Spotting Signs of Wear and Tear: When to Consider Floor Sanding in London

When to Consider Floor Sanding in London for Wear and Tear Signs

If your home or workplace has hardwood or engineered wood flooring — such as pine or parquet flooring — in high-traffic areas the wood might start showing signs of damage sooner than you thought it would. Perhaps the flooring has become scratched or discoloured, or creaks when people walk on it?

Even if that’s the case, you might hesitate to take action, fearing that getting the floor replaced at a high expense would be the only option. However, our London flooring company can restore floors by sanding them, in the process banishing the following indicators of wear and tear. 



As scratches only constitute minor damage, they are unlikely to affect more than the flooring’s finish. By sanding this flooring, we can eliminate the finish and as a result, get rid of the scratches.

You can expect the floor to look as good as new afterwards, though we would still advise you to place pads under furniture to help prevent scratches from reoccurring.


Worn-Out Finish

Earlier, we mentioned “high-traffic areas,” and you probably won’t have trouble figuring out where those are in your own space. You can usually spot them by noticing signs of wear on the flooring’s finish.

This would be particularly concerning because the finish is supposed to help maintain the condition of the underlying wood. But the good news is, we can not only sand but also refinish the flooring in London

If you can’t quite tell whether the finish is indeed gone in some areas, just deposit some water on these. You should contact us if the water soaks into the wood instead of beading on top of it.


Water Damage

Even if the flooring’s finish is intact, water can still seep through this protective layer and reach the wood, causing stains and warping in the process.

You may have noticed floorboards starting to buckle or cup in rooms where water is frequently present, even if most of it ends up on the floor. Maybe you’ve accidentally spilt water in your living room, or some soapy water has dripped onto the kitchen floor while washing dishes by hand.


Pest Infestations 

If pests have recently invaded your property but you are struggling to figure out why, take a close look at the wooden floors you have in the building. 

It’s tempting to brush off small nicks, scuffs, and cracks in this flooring, but these tiny crevices can still be large enough to harbour pests.

The good news is that, in undertaking floor sanding at London properties, we can smooth out these surfaces and leave the likes of ants and termites with fewer places to hide. 


Changes in Texture

You might notice some damage to the wood more easily by touch rather than sight. Perhaps the wood feels unusually rough, or you can feel grains or imperfections as you walk barefoot over the floor.

We can sand both residential and commercial flooring in London. For further details of this service, please ring our team on 0207 609 1234.