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Stairrods Offer Solution

MANY underfloor heating trims need to be screwed down, posing a risk to heating pipes. STAIRRODS UK claims to have solved this problem with the introduction of the Euro Cover, which is a stick-down product.
When used in conjunction with the new Dim Strip it is said to convert into a lino edge, overcoming height differences of up to 6mm.
The Euro Cover Dim Strip is suitable for stone, ceramics, LVT (stick-down), vinyl and lino flooring.
The Dim Strip is available in five sizes – 2-6mm in 1mm increments and is designed to produce a stepless transition between the differing floor surfaces.
To fit, stick down the Dim Strip, ensuring all surfaces are clean, then stick the Euro Cover onto the ramp produced by the Dim Strip.
T: 01207 591176

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