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Stanley Chalk Reels

STANLEY has launched a Compact 9m and Large Capacity chalk reels, designed to be durable and reliable so that the chalk remains in place once the line has been snapped.
Developed to have fast rewind, a durable ABS casing, and to be lightweight and portable, Stanley’s latest chalk reels are new additions to the existing range.
The Compact 9m Chalk Line fits into a pouch or toolbox and is claimed to allow colours to be swapped easily, due to the reduced size of chalk fill capacity. It features 3.5:1 gearing and is suitable for both interior and exterior tasks.
Its 28g capacity allows for 50 lines per refill. The reel also serves as a vertical plumb bob.
The Large Capacity Chalk line is for challenging jobs. With 500g storage capacity and 3:1 gearing, this tool holds 45m of durable cotton line.
T: 01753 511234

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