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Start The Repairs From The Entrance

Do you know that according to researches more than 94% of dirtiness entering a building is brought in by the soles of people’s shoes? So, London flooring experts claim that it’s very important to pay attention to the entrance flooring systems. There are London flooring solutions that may be appropriately customised to create a mat that is good for the special needs of an entrance. According to every professional London flooring company, there are different factors that must be taken into consideration when you choose your entrance flooring. For instance: traffic routes people take when entering the premises; level of footfall; property location. So, London flooring experts conclude that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Learn more:

  • Variants comprise rigid entrances for external or internal usage. For instance, scraper bars and wiper strips in a single or double sided construction can be selected.
  • There is an option for an open format that collects soil in the mat well instead of on the surface, which is also easily rollable for sanitising.
  • London flooring contractors recommend also a closed design that really improves functionality with bigger concentration of dirtiness and moisture removing inserts.
  • London flooring specialists point that there is a wide variety of inserts accessible for rigid entrance systems. These inserts may be specified in any configuration, such as rubber or textile inserts, bristles.
  • Modern London flooring solutions comprise also textile entrance systems which can absorb dampness and even remove dry dirt.
  • Last, but not least, entrance floorings make the first impression in visitors. For this reason, London flooring contractors may use various colours and corporate branding to enhance or to match an interior or exterior design.
  • In addition, eco-friendly projects are also available. For instance, scraper bars that are produced from bamboo may be used. Bamboo is just as strong as traditional hardwoods, but its harvest takes 6 years.

To conclude, we may say that close collaboration between the London flooring contractors and the London flooring manufacturers is necessary in order to choose the best entrance flooring system.