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Strand-Woven Bamboo Floors: Tough Stuff

Since entering the market, bamboo has made us think a little harder before making a decision on new flooring. This green flooring material is beautiful and harder than most hardwoods, and some types of bamboo floors are even up to three times harder.

While hard, bamboo can scratch like wood and needs a protective finishing system. Usually this consists of polyurethane and aluminum oxide, a similar process to the finishing system that hardwood floors receive at the factory.

When at one time solid bamboo floors were the only available to us, consumer demand for this green floor has spurred manufacturers to create a whole new generation of bamboo floors in different colors, styles and finishes. The consumer shopping for bamboo floors today will find a plethora of options and is almost certain to find one that appeals to his/her tastes.

Because bamboo is so eco-friendly, residents and businesses alike want to install these floors everywhere they can. And while a traditional bamboo floor isn’t necessarily suited to stand up to commercial traffic, there are types of bamboo flooring that can handle the job.

Strand Woven bamboo floors (also known as “stranded bamboo floors”) are part of the evolution of environmentally friendly flooring.

How strand woven bamboo is made is when bamboo is shredded into strips before being bonded back together using intense heat and resins. This creates a very hard surface that’s three times harder than red oak flooring and very, very durable.

Strand woven bamboo floors are often rated for use in commercial applications and are very easy to maintain. They can be found in malls, restaurants and anywhere large groups of people congregate on a regular basis. And while suitable for commercial use, they’re affordable enough for use in your home, too.

Imagine a floor that’s built to withstand airport traffic installed in your own home. For many of us, durability is paramount when shopping for floors, so why not stranded bamboo flooring?

Like all other bamboo styles, this style of bamboo is available in a wide variety of looks and constructions. From natural bamboo to stained bamboo and even carbonized bamboo, strand bamboo has covered the wide spectrum of consumer taste. Many even have a click locking system for a simple diy floor installation.

Stranded bamboo floors can be found in constructions such as solid strand woven bamboo flooring, engineered strand woven bamboo flooring and the latest is click engineered HDF core flooring, a layer of strand woven bamboo attached to a recycled HDF core. This amazing innovation combines the best qualities of bamboo flooring and laminate flooring, giving you a real layer of bamboo with the comfort and impact resistance of a floating floor with underlayment.

When shopping for flooring, most of us want, more than anything, to not have to do it again anytime in the near future. We want an easy to maintain and inexpensive floor, but most importantly, one that will stay looking new for as long as it can. If this sounds like you, take a hard look at stranded bamboo for your own home. You won’t be disappointed.