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Styles Of Hardwood Floors

Many people would prefer to have a hardwood floor than carpet, especially in the hallways, living room, and kitchens. It is much easier to keep a hardwood floor clean than carpet. If you are thinking of replacing your carpet for hardwood floors, there are many types and styles to choose from. Before you make any decision as to which type and style you would like, you should visit your home improvement store to see what they have.

At the home improvement store you will find that there are three different styles of hardwood flooring, which are Strip, Parquet and Plank, The Strip flooring can also be known as linear flooring. This particular flooring measures between one and one-half inches to two and one-fourth inches. The most common one used is the two and one-fourth inches. By using the Strip flooring you will cause an effect that gives you the illusion that there is a larger, more open space.

The Plank hardwood flooring is also considered a linear flooring, but this type is wider. You will normally find Plank hardwood flooring measuring from three inches to six inches. The disadvantage of a wider linear floor is the concern about what effect moisture will have on the floor.

The final style of hardwood flooring is Parquet, which is wood flooring pieces. These hardwood pieces forms geometric designs, range from glue down five-sixteenths inch to a glue and nail down three-fourths inches.

Now that you know the different styles it is time to discuss the different types of hardwood floors. The types that you have to choose from are acrylic impregnated, solid, or engineered,

The first type, Acrylic Impregnated, is a really hard durable floor and it is made that way by putting acrylics into the wood by injection. This type of hardwood flooring is used many times in commercial installations. This type is really good in high traffic areas of the home, which include the living room and kitchen.

With Solid hardwood flooring you have one complete piece of wood. It is solid from top to bottom no matter how wide or long it is. By using this type of flooring you can have a custom designed floor in any room. You have choices of different species of wood, both imported exotic wood or domestic wood. You can also choose your own finish type and stain. With Solid hardwood floors you can be an artist by adding borders, accents, or even a completed painted floor. It is ideal for anywhere in the home. One of the advantages of having a Solid hardwood floor is that it can be refinished four to five times professionally.

The last style is called Engineered, which are just layers of wood that is pressed together and glued. For added stability, the grains of the type of hardwood flooring run in different directions. You can purchase this flooring, which is measured by ply thickness, in either three or five ply, with five ply being the one most people choose. The advantage of Engineered flooring is that it can be used where you cannot install the Solid wood type. The areas where this type of flooring is used are areas with moisture concerns, like the basement, and bathroom.