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Stylists are those ‘trend setters’ who determine what goes on magazine pages, the ‘secret weapon’ for magazines and industries. If a room design, kitchen, carpet, sofa or wallpaper grabs you, the chances are it will be down to the skill of a stylist. As Katrina Burroughs said in the Sunday Times, ‘they’re the people who can inspire, entice and persuade without a single word’.

As one our key objectives at the Carpet Foundation is to ‘promote carpet’ they are a key target audience for us. Many stylists are ‘freelance’ so are not attached to any one title. We are fortunate to have good relationships with many – and some of our manufacturers use them for their photography. Look at the latest Brintons brochure – that is the work of Lucy Gough who was one of 4 ‘stylists’ mentioned as names to follow in the Sunday Times. So too was Hannah Deacon, latterly of House Beautiful and a good friend to the Carpet Foundation. Cormar’s photography is widely used by magazines – and they too use a professional stylist.

Think of something that has inspired you recently in a magazine or an advert, something you may have cut out or added to Pinterest, and my guess is a ‘stylist’ will have been behind it. They may not be household names, but they are certainly household influencers