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Sustainability And Recycling – Key Factors For Flooring Manufacturers

Nowadays, London flooring manufacturers undertake innovative steps to make sure that the materials used in construction, contribute to a more eco-friendly environment. London flooring contractors are not aware of that sometimes. London flooring experts should find out how all those products with truly green brief are produced. This way customers will be confident, that they have chosen the most appropriate products when it comes to sustainable floorcovering. For instance, the product Marmoleum is produced from 97% natural raw materials, comprising wood flour, jute, linseed oil, rosin, limestone. Here are more details:

  • However, London flooring experts say, that there are customers, who require a floor covering, that brings more comfort and warmth. On the market, there are hybrid floorcoverings and carpet tiles. They are manufactured from recycled materials.
  • London flooring contractors reveal, that flocked hybrid products contain up to 67% recycled content while some bitumen backed carpet tiles contain more than 50% recycled content by weight.
  • In addition, London flooring specialists share that there are textile floorcoverings that are produced with undyed wool from British sheep.
  • When we talk about entrance flooring systems, every London flooring company knows, that they are an important installation for any property. There are certain system backings, which are produced from recycled PET plastic bottles and the yarn, such as Econyl, which is made from abandoned fishing nets. This is done in order to prolong the life of further interior floorcoverings.  
  • London flooring companies are aware, that sustainability is much more than  product design. When London flooring contractors install floorcoverings, there is wastage. Instead of sending this waste to landfill, there is another option. London flooring experts know about some responsible producers who arrange installation off-cuts to be sent back to the plant. There are also some sites, offering free of charge recycling.
  • There are London flooring contractors who find it difficult to store the waste on site. With additional cost, it may be collected from the site.
  • Some London flooring manufacturers collaborate with recycling companies. This way they promote the recycling of carpet tiles at the end of life. Thus they show they are committed to providing a greener environment and to assist customers accomplish targets such as zero waste to landfill.

To summarise, London flooring contractors provide enough information for their clients. This way customers will take the best decision when it comes to sustainability.   

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