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Sustainable And Modern Floor Covering – Linoleum

London flooring contractors notice the increasing popularity of modular flooring. It provides endless design options and affordability. In order to respond to the rising demand, new models of modular flooring has appeared on the market. Learn more details:

  • All these modular flooring products offer to London flooring contractors and final users various opportunities to experiment when it comes to texture and colour. It’s possible for every London flooring company to mix and combine different shades, shapes and sizes in order to achieve new amazing London flooring solution.
  • London flooring specialists are now able to create wonderful bespoke flooring designs. This is feasible, thanks to using already accessible products, without commissioning a bespoke product and connected costs. According to London flooring experts this solution is perfect for all price-conscious products.
  • London flooring shops offer unique patterns that can be created with a host of colours and textures, for instance zig-zag designs and checkerboard.
  • According to London flooring contractors besides design benefits, these modular floorcoverings can also ensure various business profits. The flooring company London may minimise the costs, spent on a project, via reducing the installation time on site and also wastage. Moreover – compared to sheet material, tile products are simpler to cope on site.
  • According to London flooring experts in case of damages, the repair of modular floorcoverings is simple. Just a single tile may be replaced without needing to change the entire floor covering. These floor projects may be also adapted to function in ever-evolving working environment.
  • London flooring contractors are aware, that there are some linoleum products, that are even coated with finish for astonishing performance. Let’s take for example the Marmoleum Modular which is coated with Topshield 2. This is super efficient protection against dirtiness and scuffing. In addition, wonderful resistance against hazardous chemicals and stains is provided. Plus, the flooring may be used right after the installation procedure.
  • When it comes to projects where sustainability is essential London flooring contractors don’t have to make compromises with recommendations, because linoleum is super resistant floorcovering.

London flooring specialists conclude that contractors have to be always aware with the newest flooring developments in order to advise customers about design. So, flooring manufacturers should help London flooring contractors improve their knowledge in order to meet user’s needs and requirements.

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