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Sustainable Flooring Solutions in London

Whether you want to arrange the installation of residential or contract flooring in a London building, it would be responsible for you to seek a flooring solution that has been made sustainably.

Of course, you must also consider the flooring’s ability to satisfy practical needs of people who will set foot on it on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully, though, the following types of flooring prove that concerns about eco-friendliness don’t have to significantly limit your options.


One key test of sustainability in flooring is whether the materials are sourced in a manner that does not produce carbon emissions. 

This starts to explain why a carpet comprising wholly of wool can be classed as sustainable — as wool comes from sheep who naturally regrow it without any adverse environment effect.

Another plus point of wool is its effectiveness as insulation, meaning that it can help you to rein in your heating bills.


Certified Hardwood  

You might initially be surprised that a type of wood has been included on this list. However, it is possible to get hold of hardwood flooring that has been certified to meet green standards.

Members of The Flooring Group’s team are able to travel to install certified hardwood flooring at London homes and workplaces alike. The wood not only looks good but can prove resilient against the threat of damage, and so the flooring doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced too often.



Cork, too, comes from trees — but fortunately, harvesting cork doesn’t have to entail chopping any trees down, as the material is derived from bark carefully hand-stripped from cork oak trees.

Cork ticks many other eco-friendly boxes, too — being not only recyclable and biodegradable but also hard wearing. Cork flooring can also feel pleasantly warm under your feet, potentially leaving you happy to turn the thermostat down a few notches.




The word ‘Marmoleum’ is a brand name for a linoleum product manufactured by Forbo. Our London flooring company offers Marmoleum, and there are plenty of eye-opening statistics vouching for its impressive eco-friendly credentials.

For a start, this flooring is made from 97% natural raw materials. Of those, 72% are rapidly renewable, while 43% comprise recycled content. Marmoleum is also made in UK factories that run on 100% renewable electricity.



This is another one you might not have expected to see categorised as environmentally friendly. Today, though, vinyl is indeed produced sustainably — and has recycled content that can itself be recycled yet again later down the line.

As vinyl is also renowned for its durability, it is unlikely that you would often need to go about getting a London flooring company like our own to replace existing vinyl flooring in a London property.

We can help you in your green mission

We can install eco-friendly flooring in London domestic and commercial properties. You might not have to journey far within the UK capital, either, to find a London flooring showroom we run. We invite you to visit The Flooring Group’s Fulham & Chelsea showroom, for example, at 913 Fulham Road.