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Taking Care Of Your Personnel Is Essential For Business Success

Every London flooring company has to manage staff absence the best possible way. Most London flooring experts will feel bad if they are sick and they let down their colleagues. London flooring contractors explain, that most employers are usually sympathetic about their staff’s absence. However London flooring experts reveal, that every business may be put in tricky situation because of sickness of personnel. Every London flooring company must be aware of the reason of the absence and how to cope with these situations:

  • short-term illness absence that continues less than one week;
  • frequent short-term sickness absences of London flooring experts;
  • long-term sickness absence which lasts several weeks or more;
  • London flooring specialists may deal with unauthorised absence for other reasons too.

London flooring contractors explain, that absence for sickness may be caused by various reasons such as bad general physical condition of the worker; bad working conditions comprising bullying, harassment and stress; emotional or family issues; mental sickness.

There must be honesty and clarity between employees and managers. Every London flooring company must be aware of the real costs of the absences of staff. Keeping a record for each worker is mandatory. Every London flooring company should have clear idea about the unauthorised absence and the sickness absence.

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