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The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

Many people choose to get rid of their radiators and rely on underfloor heating, because of its numerous benefits. Check out the most important ones, according to London flooring experts:

  • London flooring specialists say that without radiators the clean lines of the room are not spoiled. This is wonderful, because the space may be successfully saved.
  • According to London flooring contractors, underfloor heating is super effective when it comes to warming the premises. It’s also proven that its heat is much more pleasant, than this of stoves and radiators. According to the London flooring producers of underfloor heating, its heat is gently spread and there are no unpleasant cold areas. In addition, London flooring contractors know that very little amount of heat is wasted.
  • Just like numerous London flooring solutions, there are various types of underfloor heating. For instance wet /hot-water/ systems, which are based on usage of hot water from the central heating system. Plastic pipes, placed on the subfloor, are used in order to pump the water before the application of the new surface. London flooring experts are sure that actually this kind of heating system diminishes costs for water-heating, because the used water is at lower temperature in comparison with standard radiators.
  • London flooring contractors present another type of heating system is the electric mat or wire systems. In this case there cables which are fixed to open-weave mesh mats. In some newer variants the details are attached into a permanent roll. These rolls and mats are placed out on the flooring, linked to each other. After that they are connected to the essential power supply and also to the thermostat. As a whole wet systems are more cost efficient, according to London flooring specialists and all the other experts.
  • Where do we use underfloor heating? The first option is under carpets and rugs. London flooring specialists claim that there is a underfloor heating system that corresponds to every type of flooring. The best variant, according to London flooring experts, is to apply this wet system where new floors are constructed in order to correspond to extensions and conservatories.
  • It’s interesting to know that electric underfloor heating is great for existing premises, because the electrical mesh system is flatter compared to a wet system.
  • Underfloor heating systems are suitable to be combined with various types of flooring even carpets, terracotta, ceramic. It’s logical that time necessary for heat depends on the thickness of the tiles. According to London flooring contractors, underfloor heating can be also used with laminates and vinyl flooring types, but there are also inappropriate vinyls and laminates.

People should always keep in touch with the heating installer and the London flooring manufacturer before deciding to install underfloor heating system.

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