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The Good Choice Of Flooring Is Crucial For Office Design

London flooring contractors have noticed the tendency that organisations are more and more defining their offices via the choice of floor covering. Nowadays it’s accepted to design from the floor up in order to underline the identity of an organisation. Learn more details:

  • London flooring specialists claim, that businesses use the floor as a blueprint in order to accent on the identity of an organisation. Thanks to modernisation in carpet producing techniques, there is a great chance to bring design into office areas.
  • London flooring companies have discovered some interesting trends about how businesses choose carpets:
  • London flooring contractors point, that sometimes business owners search for flooring to complement the furniture. Many people choose colours and furniture styles that are not “on trend” and then they search for a carpet to correspond to their choice. A great contrast or complementary effect may be created.
  • Every London flooring company offers a flooring to express the individuality of your business space. Many directors want to achieve that via the flooring. Innovation and modernisation of manufacturing methods make this possible. London flooring contractors mention, that the entrance area may be customised with corporate messages and logos. There are cases where for transition spaces, bespoke carpet manufacturing techniques are applied. This puts an accent on the brand identity and forms the first impression of visitors.
  • London flooring specialists reveal that the flooring solution should contribute on forming breakout spaces, without barriers. There is a modern tendency to replace walls and partitions with cleverly-zoned carpets. Many offices use a colourful carpet in order to mark different spaces of the building such as places for communal meetings, spaces for quiet reflection and breakout zones.
  • London flooring contractors say that bold colours are essential. Vibrant colours that create a striking effect in open plan spaces are modern now. They make the office environments very aesthetic and funny. London flooring specialists claim, that bold shades are most commonly used for conference rooms in order to strengthen the logos or corporate colours of the company. Great balance in colours is very important.

London flooring experts and designers search for vivid shades and colours which differ meeting rooms, entrance areas and walkways from other spaces in the building. The final purpose is to achieve aesthetically pleasing interiors that stimulate the working process and team work.

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