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The Great Importance Of Efficient Subfloor Preparation

London flooring contractors claim, that if you skimp when it comes to good preparation of the subfloor, that will have bad consequences. People must remember, that flooring must be installed only on smooth, dry, clean surface. London flooring experts explain that the subfloor must be durable and it should not break under the tension of foot traffic. London flooring specialists affirm, that appropriate tests must be conducted in order to make sure, that the subfloor is safe enough. Pay attention at the listed below problems, caused by humidity in the subfloor:

  • Mould formation. The manifestation of this problem consists in black, blue or grey discoloration. London flooring contractors explain, that the mould remains trapped between the freshly applied floor covering and the humid subfloor. As a result a bad smells is spread.
  • Blisters or bubbles. The reason about these may be a certain pressure. As a result when the floor covering is pierced, a great amount of water may be released on the surface.
  • Bonding problems. London flooring contractors claim, that this issue happens when alkaline salts are carried by dampness from the subfloor and strike the adhesive. The origin of these salts is the concrete.
  • Discoloration. According to London flooring experts, some substances which are situated under the flooring go out into the floor surface. This phenomenon is typical for heterogeneous floorcoverings and sometimes for some slightly coloured homogenous productions.
  • Generally a special test must be conducted which will determine the level of moisture. The responsibility for this test belongs to the main contractor. In case the humidity is more than 75% RH, the consequent flooring application must be preceded by installing a surface /liquid DPM/.
  • The site conditions and the temperatures are also of great importance. Low temperatures are not recommended, because they influence on the curing features of the adhesives. If the air is humid, the problem becomes deeper. London flooring contractors remind, that moisture-based products count on evaporation and if the air above is already humid, the curing may fail. This rule is valid especially when it comes to pressure-sensitive adhesives which are applied on dense subfloors like power floated concrete or asphalt.

We may conclude, that if the heating system in the building is not yet commissioned, London flooring contractors must demand a portable heating device. However gas blow heaters are not recommended, because they add extra humidity. As a whole, the high-quality preparation of the subfloor is essential and it will save you money and time in long term.

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