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The Great Importance Of Noise Insulation For Your Office

London flooring contractors reveal that one of the most frequent complaints in offices nowadays is connected to noise pollution. Actually hard floorings such as laminate, timber and tiles increase this problem. London flooring experts say that according to Noise at Work regulations from 2006, average sound exposure per day must be below 85 Db in order to provide productive and healthy workforce. Learn more:

  • London flooring experts claim, that it is crucial to understand how sound waves work. Only this way it will be possible to provide minimum noise disturbance. Specialists in every London flooring company are aware, that sound is a kind of vibration which is transmitted through firm materials, liquid or air in waves of expansions and compressions. They are generally known as sound waves. London flooring contractors explain, that there are two main ways for travelling of the sound round a room – impact sound and airborne sound.
  • London flooring experts reveal that impact sound begins with an incident (for example heavy footsteps or door slamming). This way vibrations through the walls and floors are provoked. Thus sound travels from one room to another. London flooring specialists say that hard floors are commonly bad airborne sound insulators. In case a sound barrier is installed within the floor, the situation may be changed.
  • When it comes to airborne sound, London flooring contractors explain that it moves around within a space, bouncing off walls and floors and provoking vibrations on all these surfaces. London flooring contractors reveal that these vibrations are transmitted around the premises.
  • Every London flooring company should be aware that there are 2 main approaches to control noise in one building. The first way is connected with increasing the mass of a wall or floor. The rule is – the more mass, the less sound will make it vibrate. The second approach is focussed on adding extra layers to the flooring or the wall. London flooring experts say that these layers must be produced from soundproofed material. As a whole, carpets are much better soundproofing material than hard surfaces.
  • London flooring contractors point that when wooden or laminate floorings are used in offices and when there is no noise barrier underlay, the sound waves will be transmitted very easily. This means a noisy working environment which will decrease the productivity and the efficient communication between employees.

London flooring experts conclude that this problem for sound insulation is very important. Elevated level of noise may be a reason for stress and decreased productivity. Even anti-social behaviour and aggression may be provoked.

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