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The Importance Of Eco-Friendly And Recyclable Materials

London flooring contractors claim, that being green is not so simple. Vision, innovation and courage are quite necessary. London flooring experts reveal, that in UK, environmental concerns are widespread. London flooring companies receive more and more requests for purchase of eco-friendly products. Learn more details:

  • As a result of this green revolution, most flooring manufacturers put their commitment to the environment at the forefront of their R&D programmes. Nowadays, there are many London flooring solutions, which are designed having the sustainability in mind.
  • Unfortunately, there are some countries outside Europe and the UK, where flooring companies aren’t steady about working in environmental friendly way. This is a huge mistake. London flooring experts reveal, that the flooring industry is partially liable for a percentage of what goes into our landfills each year.
  • London flooring contractors claim, that the best thing a customer may undertake is to purchase products, which are 100% recyclable and may be used for longer period.
  • London flooring specialists claim, that brand new product ranges have to be developed and designed. At every level of the product life, there should be a view of optimising the environmental impact. People must adopt ‘cradle to grave’ attitude. This comprises ongoing maintenance, assessment of the manufacture, installation, possible uplift and recycling of the products.
  • London flooring contractors should challenge the norms in order to meet market requirements and standards.The purpose is to offer customers and markets a new route to sustainability.
  • London flooring experts know that even fuel comes from the nature, so it may be considered as natural product. Actually, there are London flooring manufacturers that claim their products are natural, but this doesn’t make them environmentally friendly. In fact, there are natural products which have more hazardous and damaging environmental impact than synthetic articles.
  • London flooring experts say that the Green revolution is very important and everybody should be responsible. It must not lose focus or pace.

To summarise, London flooring specialists share that vinyl is classified as a non-hazardous waste according to the European List of Wastes. In addition, it may be sent to landfill or to incinerators without any problems or it may be recycled. Moreover – vinyl is the only building material, that is 100% recyclable. It’s different from other plastics, because it can be infinitely recycled into new materials and products supplementing value throughout its long life.                              

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