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The Importance of Wall Cladding

What is wall cladding? As a noun, the term refers to a type of siding that covers a building’s interior or exterior walls. However, ‘wall cladding’ means affixing this material to the walls. One material is laid across another to give the wall something of a protective skin.

You can choose from various materials — including metal, plastic, wood and stone — for your wall cladding, which can be secured into place with screws, nails or glue. This leaves the question: what benefits can you expect from the cladding once fully installed? 


Increased Mechanical Strength for the Building

As well as strengthening the structure’s rigidity, the cladding can help prevent too much weight from being exerted on any specific part of the wall’s surface. It’s worth heeding that it could too easily crack if weight is not evenly distributed across that surface.


Weather Resistance

Of course, this is a major benefit of exterior cladding, as you just never know what elements could start pummelling your workplace building next. 

Fortunately, wall cladding can be trusted with holding up well against rain, snow and wind. What wall cladding material would excel the most on this score? It’s a tough call, but metal cladding is renowned for its durability.


Thermal Effectiveness

With many businesses having recently fought high energy costs, it’s now especially easy to appreciate the impressive thermal performance of wall cladding. 

This cladding can act as thermal insulation by helping reduce the heat that escapes the building. That way, you are less likely to hear members of your workforce complaining that they feel cold and consequently asking if you could turn the office thermostat up. 


Fewer Water Leaks

When a building has incurred water damage, there can be several telling signs — like water stains and swelling walls. You might also pick up on a distinctive smell of mould or mildew, which can grow in a building after water has started seeping into it. 

These are all problems that freshly ‘cladded’ walls can play a significant part in preventing.


Less Noise Pollution

As providers of wall cladding for London workplaces, we know how loud many parts of the UK capital can get. If your employees work in a London building but are often distracted by external noises from outside, remember that cladding can reduce the number of sound waves that penetrate the walls. 


Cosmetic Appeal

This answers the question: “What is interior wall cladding usually installed for?” Indeed, we offer wall cladding in a wide range of colours and styles, enabling you to give the walls of your London workplace an aesthetic makeover reflecting the message you ultimately want your business to convey. 

You can even opt for a bespoke design, mixing and matching colours and patterns in line with your corporate branding. 


For further details about wall cladding solutions we can expertly install at commercial premises across London, please phone 020 3370 7777 or email