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This Mixer Will Keep Going

I HAVE been putting a mixer through its paces and was pleasantly surprised with its performance; I used the Makita UT1400 Mixer (pictured right) to mix various smoothing compounds on a daily basis over two weeks to see if I could break it. But it kept going and may still be going!
It’s claimed you can use it to mix for eight hours non-stop, but I just had to stop for the lunch break.
With a build quality you would expect from a leading power tool manufacturer, it comes with a 1300w motor on the 240v machine I was using (there is also 1050w on an 110v unit). It has a mixing capacity of 50kg.
This machine has clearly been designed with the user in mind; it has minimal vibration (0.5m/sec2) and a comfortable grip allowing you to carry out work with ease whether you are in a big or small area. Weighing only 5.2kg and producing an ear friendly 86db ensures minimal fatigue in a relatively quiet atmosphere, which is great if you are working in enclosed areas or more importantly if you’ve got the tunes going!
Another nice little feature of this tool is the variable speed trigger, so there’s no need to mess around with a separate speed setting. That almost eliminates the chance of the ‘lad’ pebble dashing Mrs Jones’ walls!
When pressing the trigger fully the mixer produces 580rpm on the 240v or 560rpm on the 110v allowing it to easily cope with a 25kg bag of smoothing compound mix after mix. The robust handle doubles up as a stand which, due to the placement of the lead, ensures that no pressure is put on the wires at the junction. This can be a major problem as I have found on various some older mixers with the wires becoming dislodged causing serious health & safety issues.
Finally, as they say ‘you get what you pay for’. The Makita UT1400 is not priced to compete with the budget machines out there. And rightly so! This mixer is built to last. So whether you’re doing a small kitchen or 1,000sq m it can be by your side every inch of the way.
So in summary, this mixers is comfortable, quiet, light, robust, powerful, has a variable speed trigger to name some of its best points.
One word of caution, however, I would strongly advise against using this mixer to make a Victoria sponge!

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