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Toolbag That’s Fun

Magma Maxi Bag: When asked to review this tool bag I thought, ‘when would I ever use it on the job?’ I am actually a tool box person!
The last time I had a tool bag was back in the days when you made your own out of a piece of woven axminster with the sides stitched up and a couple of bits of webbing attached. But hey I’ll give it a go.
The bag when open is an impressive 33cm wide, 55cm long and 30cm deep and the cost is around £40 plus vat, which I’ll admit is very reasonable.
Outside the bag there is a 25cm x 16cm pocket in the centre, plus 14cm x 16cm pockets on each side of it, all of which can be fastened down with the heavy duty velcro flaps.
The pocket sequence is repeated on the other side, except that the larger middle pocket has a zip fastener rather than Velcro. I assume that this is so that you can easily identify the front from the back, once you have decided which will be the front and which the back!
The bag comes equipped with two strong carry handles as well as a removable and fully adjustable padded shoulder strap for those who want to appear more ‘casual’.
The bag will fully close as it has a heavy duty zipper in the top, but this will restrict the amount of tools that can be carried as the top pulls together rather like the old style doctor’s bag.
On the plus side, if there are less tools in it, you are less likely to pull your arm out of its socket when you go to pick it up.
Now for the carpet installers among you, I know that your main question will be ‘does a knee kicker fit in?’ Not only will it fit, but if you have an extendible kicker you can’t retract, that will also fit.
The bag also boasts a rubberised textile base that is 100% waterproof!! And let’s face it that’s absolutely essential if working in an MP’s duck house!!
The internal lining of the bag is red and the marketing gurus say this makes your tools more visible and easily identifiable. That may be true, but what if your tools are red!?!
I consider myself to be a ‘glass half full’ type of guy and if you think about it any opportunist would-be thief who happened to be walking past could be fooled into thinking that the bag is empty. So there you go ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ or red lining in the case of this bag!
You can also have fun with the new apprentice! No need to send them off for a ‘long weight’ or ‘sky hooks’. Just ask them for a red screw driver and they will never find it. There’s hours of fun there, probably better than ‘naked twister’.
Inside the bag there are eight 50mm elasticated pleats ideal for holding knives, tucking tools etc, and eight pencil pleats for smaller tools or pens and pencils.
This is a good sturdy tool bag with strong seams and a scissor action frame work in the top which keeps the bag open so you can easily see the contents ‘unless they are red’.
As I said previously I am more of a tool box person, but if I were thinking of converting I would seriously consider this bag which is pretty big.
And there are other ways to make money out of it, like smuggling your youngest child into a theme park which will save you around £60. So you are already £20 up on the deal, and if you are worried about your bag being checked at the gate, simply dress your kid in red.
The 100% waterproof textile base also means you can take them on the log flume without having to pay for one of those waterproof ponchos!
Any other ideas you have for using the bag, drop me an email, or perhaps not.

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