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Top 10 Reasons For Staff Calling A ‘Sickie’

REVEALED: The top 10 reasons for people ‘pulling a sickie’

WAKING up on a dark and cold morning in January, many people fleetingly think how nice it would be to stay in bed and not go to work. Most resist the temptation.
But there are those who don’t hesitate about ‘pulling a sickie’ (regardless of the time of year).
For employers, however, the absence of one key person can seriously affect the running of a business.
A UK-wide survey of over 2,000 people by Flexioffices has unearthed the UK’s top 10 reasons for staying away from work:
1. To attend a job interview with another company: This reason was given by 31% of respondents (so their absence might become longer than a single day).
2. Hangover: 26% of respondents took a sick day after drinking too much the night before, a favourite reason of people in the North West, closely followed by Londoners and Scots.
3. To watch a major sporting event: 11% of respondents admitted this as a reason for a ‘sickie’ with 18-24 year olds from the North East being the nation’s most dedicated sporting fans.
4. It’s nice weather outside: This reason was favoured by West Midlands people. Brummies are apparently especially keen to keep their tans topped up.
5. It’s Monday: The Flexioffices survey found Mondays most unpopular among 18-24 year olds in the East of England. Another recent survey declared the first Monday of February as ‘national sickie day’. (That’s February 2, 2015, for bosses to mark on their calendars.)
6. I just got dumped by someone in the same office: The most dumped office workers in the UK appear to be 25-34 year olds and the over 65s. Crying into photocopiers is not a good look, so maybe a sick day is the only option left.
7. I am preparing for a big date: Let’s hope the date isn’t with someone in the same office! Love is more important than work for some, with the South West of England most likely to put romance before writing company reports.
8. I had a bad haircut: Some people in the UK are clearly bothered about their appearances, a good enough reason to call in sick, with 18-24 year olds in London especially conscious of their looks.
9. It’s the last day of the sales: The UK is not going to let work get in the way of a good bargain! Women in the East Midlands are most likely to indulge in a little retail therapy and leave that big work presentation for another day.
10. Woke up with a huge yucky spot on my face: Not quite a bad hair day, but it could be a concern of people trying to court a fellow office worker (leading to them having to use reason number 6 above.)
Interestingly, the excuse of having just contracted a rare and highly contagious tropical disease didn’t quite make it into the top 10. CFJ

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